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Wooden doors and windows require regular care and maintenance. If you want to ensure that your wooden window or wooden glass door design remains undamaged and functions properly for years, it is important that you invest time in their care and maintenance. For those who are planning to sell their property in the future, it becomes all the more important to do periodic checks of their doors and windows as they are a key part of the home appeal. Well maintained and clean looking doors not only create a great first impression on people but also adds to the aesthetic value of the home.

wooden glass doors and windows

To ensure good maintenance, you need to know about the common problems that cause damage to wooden doors and window frames. Intense light, moisture, wind, dirt, etc. degrade the finish of the doors and windows. If these are not repaired on time, they may damage the underlying wood as well. To avoid the situation, you must inspect for the following:

-Dark streaks in the finish
-Cracks in the finish
-Raised wood grain
-Peeling paint
-Rotting timber

If you see any of the above problems, it is advised that you repair the door or window as soon as possible. The sooner you do that, the longer they will last. It is important to note here that these periodic checks are not time consuming. If done regularly, they will save your time, money and effort in the long run.

Once you have done the inspection and figured out what the cause of damage is, the next step is to start with the cleaning of the wooden door/window and do necessary maintenance. Here is how the cleaning of your wooden doors and windows should be done:


You must know that dirt, soot and other harmful contaminants are acidic in nature and can seriously damage the finish if not washed off regularly. Experts therefore recommend to thoroughly clean the wooden window frames, inside and out, at least twice a year. The process of cleaning is very simple. Just wipe down the surface with a sponge or a damp cloth. If the dirt build-up is excessive, use a light mixture of soapy water to wash it off. Make sure the detergent you choose has a neutral PH, is mild and non-abrasive. Once you have cleaned the doors and windows with the mixture, rinse off their surface with plain water (to remove the soapy residue) and let it dry out completely.

Follow these simple steps to protect your wooden doors and windows. Do remember that once the decay sets in, it will surely and significantly reduce the life span of the door.

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