Top Benefits of Wooden Doors and Windows For Your Home
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Wooden Door and Window Solutions for Home & Office

Wooden Door and Window Solutions

Posted Date: Oct 28, 2019

Wooden Door and Window Solutions

When remodelling your house or workspace, it is important to be involved in every decision. While you pay attention to other aspects, you may end up overlooking important components of your space like doors and windows. When looking for décor options for your windows and doors, you may get confused and go with designs based on limited information available to you.

When it comes to rendering a classic vibe to your living or working space, you can never go wrong with the timeless beauty – timber. But, the picturesque splendour of wood is only enhanced by its top-notch functionality. After all, it’s about the most versatile material to work with! Let’s find out how wooden doors and windows can render your home and office the warmth you’ve been looking for -

Benefits of Wooden Doors and Windows

Since decades, wood has been the trusted choice for chic décor. It offers the perfect combination of durability and luxury to create a lavish space. Due to technological advancements, wooden doors and windows have been equipped with modern functionalities that cannot be found in any other material.

AIS Glasxperts offers high-quality Accoya wood- a high performance, European quality wood. This tropical wood is reliable, long-lasting and comes with a 5-year timber warranty. It does not bend, warp or swell and it comes with a water-based, environment-friendly coating.

Modern Doors and Windows Solutions

Let’s look at some wooden doors and window solutions to create a space that is loved by all.


  1. Carved Wooden Doors

There is nothing richer than walking through a magnificent, carved wooden door entrance that makes one feel like royalty. Intricately carved motifs and laser cut designs make it possible to achieve a million-buck look. Wooden door designs are the perfect blend of striking aesthetics and supreme security for you and your loved ones.

You can also opt for matching wooden door designs for all the rooms in your house to bring all the different elements together. This gives the illusion of a well-designed or renovated home; when all you did was replace the doors in the house. This is sure to create a long-lasting impression on every person who takes a tour of the house.

  1. Paned Windows

Ditch the conventional window designs and go for  wooden window solutions. Choosing carved or wooden paned windows can add a rustic appeal to your home. Like the thought of matching vintage wooden windows for your home but hate the feeling of being cooped up in your room? Add a grill to avoid obstruction of view and let the breeze enter your home without compromising on your timeless wooden windows.

  1. Glass Paned Doors

Glass and wood come together to create the perfect amalgamation of sophistication and durability. Whether you are looking at modern solid panelled wooden door designs with a glass hatch for easy outside access or traditional carved double doors with oversized glass panels, the options are endless. If you like open, vibrant spaces, opt for a unique pattern on the glass panels with a simple wooden door design and create the perfect fusion of modern and traditional.

  1. Office Conference Rooms

When redecorating your office space to build sleek and stylish conference rooms, a wooden frame with a glass door is a perfect choice. Opt for noise insulation wooden door designs to maintain privacy and cancel out any noise from the bullpen that can distract you from your important meeting and hamper your business.

Sliding glass doors with wooden frame solutions serve as a great counterpart to your typical glass doors. They add an elegant touch to your office and are sure to impress all your clients. AIS Glasxperts offer top-notch wooden glass door frames that are perfect for noise cancellation and maximum privacy.

  1. Private Cabins

When you’re planning to remodel your dingy, old cabin, the first thing that pops into your brain is that you want a low maintenance, long-lasting and durable cabin. Enter wood - the multipurpose building material which helps create a private and sophisticated space. Go with wooden door designs that are sturdy and weather-resistant i.e. able to withstand moisture, heat and repel termites. Wood does not accumulate dust and dirt and can be easily cleaned with a soft, dry cloth to retain that brand-new look.

  1. Wooden Frame Windows

An office space should be bright and flooding with natural light to boost the mood and productivity of the working staff. Install glass windows with wooden frames to create a lively workplace and enhance the creativity of the employees. The wooden frames are highly impact-resistant, can withstand harsh weather conditions and are perfect for increasing the lifespan of your windows.

The glass windows allow sunlight to come in while blocking the harsh UV rays that are harmful to your health and the interiors of the office. The glass is also energy-efficient as is maintains an ideal temperature in the office and helps cut costs on energy bills.

At AIS Glasxperts, we understand the importance of quality. We offer a wide range of high-quality products for you to choose from. Our 360-degree provide end-to end solutions from the initial product design right until the final installation to ensure your satisfaction. Get in touch with us to build a unique home and creative office space.

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