Reasons to Install Glass in Living Room: Designs & Prices
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Why You Should Opt for Glass in Your Living Room Design

Posted Date: Dec 02, 2017

Glass as a material has played a significant role in creating aesthetically sound modern day living rooms, but that’s not all. The functionality of modern glass and the rise in popularity of uPVC profiles for doors and windows has created quite a stir in living room design.

Let’s take a closer look at how glass contributes to the luxury and practicality of today’s brilliant living rooms, right from aesthetics to energy efficiency to security, and why you should prefer it over any other construction material:
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Living rooms are perhaps the most easily accessible areas of any house, which is why it is paramount that they are absolutely secure. This means doing your bit while designing the space rather than relying on cameras and motion sensors much later. A glass living room provides you the opportunity to utilize tempered/toughened glass solutions such as AIS StronglasTM, which is several times stronger and impact-resistant than ordinary glass, or AIS Valuglas or Securityplus, which are high-grade laminated glass which prevent burglars from breaking and entering.


For aesthetics, a glass living room can employ décor glass or lacquered glass which is available in multiple hues and shades. It can be used to create beautiful partitions or complementary cabinet doors and table-tops.

An ideal living room, today, consists of the best framing material for your doors and windows, such as uPVC. Nowadays, there is no dearth of uPVC windows in India. This material is not only easy to maintain, install, and modify according to the aesthetics of the space, but also highly durable and energy efficient.

Noise cancellation

The modern glass living room ensures that the inhabitants and any visitors get to enjoy quality private time without being disturbed by outside noise or commotion. This is due to noise-cancellation laminated windows and doors that reduce external noise by up to 60%, such as AIS Acousticglas.


Technology has allowed glass to become a supremely innovative and smart material. A glass living room can enhance its privacy via the use of smart glass which can turn from transparent to opaque with the click of a button on the remote, the flick of a switch, or the tap on a smartphone.

Energy efficiency

Of course, a glass living room helps you cut down on electricity costs by controlling the heat and temperature inside, and eliminating infrared and UV rays from outside. Popular glass types, such as AIS Ecosense, will help you achieve optimum lighting and temperature control with ease!

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