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Why You Should Opt For Glass Flooring For Your Home Interiors

Modern homemakers today are looking for ways to give their homes a unique touch of luxury. They’re constantly on the lookout for ways to make their homes stand out from the lot and be the talk of the town. While there are many ways to achieve aesthetic brilliance in your homes, one of the most unique ways is through a glass flooring.


While most conventional homes have tiled or wooden floorings, finding a home with a glass floor is a rare phenomenon. Its clean look coupled with a sophisticated finish helps it bring in a touch of royalty to the space. This makes it a luxurious choice as compared to wooden panels or ceramic tiles.

Glass Floor Living Room

If you’re looking for a house with expansive layouts, lavish amenities and overall magnificence, glass floors can help you achieve the same in your houses.

However, if you feel a glass floor is just for raising the aesthetic value of your home, you might be mistaken. It offers a lot more than that. Below are the advantages offered by a glass flooring.


Glass floorings

The Green Choice:

Ceramic tiles consume a lot of energy in their production process. Glass tiles on the other hand consume less energy in their production process, making them the greener choice from the two.

The durable choice:

Glass tiles are very sturdy in their built. Ceramic tiles on the other hand chip easily when come in contact a heavy object. Rest assured, a glass tile will surely last longer and be worth its cost in the long run.

Less energy consumption:

Installing glass tiles in the house leads to optimum daylighting. This in turn leads to less usage of electricity. The costs saved over the years prove to be far more beneficial to the residents.


Glass floorings do not get stained easily and are easy-to-maintain.

Lack of mould or mildew:

Just like wooden furniture, wooden floors also fall victim to mould and mildew. That however isn’t the case of glass tiles. These remain unaffected due to lack of organic material in them.


Increased light reflection:

Glass floorings are available in various types that range from transparent to opaque. Installing opaque or frosted glass floors in houses will help reflect light easily throughout the space, thereby reducing energy costs.

Aesthetic Value:

With its transparent look and smooth finish, glass raises the aesthetic value of any structure.

Variety of designs:

Glass being the versatile material that it is, gives its users countless options and a wide variety of designs to choose from. This allows homemakers to customise the design of their flooring as per their needs, truly making their home one-of-a-kind.

Fire safety solution:

Unlike wood that catches fire easily, glass can be customized to be a fire-resistant solution. Laminated safety glass is one such solution that offers safety from fire until a certain time and temperature.

As mentioned earlier, glass flooring tiles are available in a variety of types that are mentioned below:


Types of Glass flooring

Clear Glass:

Clear glass tiles are completely transparent in nature and offer complete passage of light. These can be used on upper floors thereby allowing two floors to be lit up at one time. The primary benefit of such glass is its transparency and indirect reduction in energy costs.


Frost Glass:

Frost glass tiles are used for privacy purposes while also increasing the aesthetic value of the space. These however do not allow light to pass through completely.


Textured Glass:

Textured glass tiles are used primarily for the various designs that bring their own unique charm to the home. They allow partial passage of light while also offering slight privacy.



Classification of Glass 

The glass tiles you install on your floor can also be customized to incorporate various characteristics and fire-resistant properties. It is important to know the various glass classifications before installing them in your home. The range you choose from must be in accordance with European Classification Standards (EN 13501). The system is as follows:


  • E – Integrity
  • W – Integrity & Low Radiation
  • I – Integrity & Insulation

E Class – Integrity

E Class glass is used primarily for increased integrity. This special type of tempered glass prevents the spread of fire to the other side. The only drawback of this glass is that it does not provide protection from radiation.


EW Class – Integrity & Low Radiation

This type of glass is tempered as well as laminated and helps prevent the spread of flames just like the E Class. The added benefit being that it also prevents the spread of radiation to the un-affected side.


EI Class – Integrity & Insulation

The EI category of glass provides increased integrity as well as insulation, ensuring the temperature on the non-fire side does not exceed 140 degrees Celsius.



Choosing the right provider

In order to get the best glass flooring solution for your home, make sure to pick the right provider. Choose one that offers a 360 degree solution for glass interiors and takes complete responsibility of the products provided. The provider must also assist you right from inspection of your home to selection, installation and services. The range of products offered by them must include laminated safety glass, lacquered glass, frosted glass, fire-safety glass and eco-sense.


If you want to make sure your home stands out from the rest, make sure to take assistance from experts in glass solutions and install glass floorings in your home. It will definitely increase the aesthetic value of your home and also provide you with numerous benefits.


Author Bio: Amit Chaudhary, 28 years old handles the Brand GlasXperts of Asahi India Glass Ltd (AIS).  He is based out of Delhi and is also a fitness fanatic.

Contact Details: Write to me at amit.chaudhary@glasxperts.com or call 08800392001

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