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Why You Should Choose Wooden Windows and Frames?

Why Wooden Windows & Frames

Posted Date: Nov 14, 2019

Why Wooden Windows & Frames

Are you among those who still believe that people who install wooden windows and doors in their homes and offices do so merely due to the timeless elegance of timber? Though there can be no doubt about wood’s evergreen beauty, it has a whole lot more to bring to the table. Let’s find out what all this age-old building material has to offer.

Benefits of Wooden Windows and Doors

  1. Coefficient of Expansion

Wood is rarely affected by thermal fluctuations. Unlike other materials, especially metals, wood has the lowest coefficient of expansion. Meaning, it does not expand or contract rapidly thereby preventing any cracks from forming between the glass and the window frame. Properly sealed wooden frames do not warp or crack and only expand minimally. This renders stability and durability to the fixtures carved out of wood.

  1. Insulation

Wood is an excellent insulator against both heat and noise. When installed in window or door frames, the insulation property of wood locks in the heat or cold air present within your house. This insulative property of wood will also help you save up on energy and energy bills. Wooden frames also prevent noise from entering your home allowing you to relax in peace. When coupled with double-paned glass windows, the insulation of wooden frames is enhanced further.

  1. Easy to Maintain

There is a growing myth that wooden window frames and doors are difficult to maintain because of pest and mould growth. This is not true in case of high-quality wooden frames sealed properly with appropriate sealants. Cracks in wooden frame sealants are very rare. As long as you dust the windows regularly and clean them properly with soap or water roughly twice a year, they should not rot or be infested with pests or need to be resealed shortly after installation.

  1. Long-Lasting

In humid areas, the possibility of window frames getting rusted is high. Wood is immune to rust and lasts long in almost all kinds of weathers. If properly polished or painted, wooden windows and doors do not get damaged by rain or moisture easily.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Wood lends your home a unique aesthetic appeal. Wooden frames come in various designs. They can mostly be designed or customised to match the overall décor of your house. Since wood is available in different shades of brown, you will have plenty of accent choices while deciding on a wooden frame. Moreover, intricate designs can be carved into wood making it a favourite among home designers. Whether you want a vintage or a modern look, you will find wooden frames to suit your requirement very easily. This unmatched timelessness of wood is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

Moreover, wood is extremely friendly to all kinds of paints. If you have designed your home or office with a particular shade palette in mind, you can have your wooden windows and doors painted to complement the look you have in mind. You can also experiment with matte and shiny textures, oil paints and quirky tones to personalise your windows and doors.

  1. Environment-Friendly

Window frames made of synthetic material are often looked upon with distaste due to the damage they inflict upon the environment. Wood is a natural construction material and is entirely biodegradable. Even if you want your wooden window frames and doors to be coated, you can choose low VOC water-based coatings that are eco-friendly. If you are eco-conscious and want an environmentally sustainable design for your home, opting for wooden door and window frames is a good option.

  1. Easy Repairs

Wear and tear and accidental damage are not uncommon for window and door frames. In the case of wooden structures, such damage can be fixed without having to uproot or replace the entire frame. Most repairs on wooden surfaces can be done using synthetic glues. This property of wood spares you the hassle of replacing your window frames in case of sizeable damage.

Applications of Wooden Door and Windows              

  1. Home

Wooden windows and doors add a touch of regale to your living space. They are a trademark of luxurious homes that are ecologically sustainable, noise proof and thoroughly insulated. With wooden doors and windows installed in your home, you will not have to worry about maintenance and repairs constantly. Wooden frames suit all homes perfectly.

  1. Offices

Wooden window frames and doors make your office look sleek and create a luxurious ambience. They are aesthetically pleasing and reflective of sophistication. Additionally, they act as perfect noise barriers and keep your office space private and disturbance-free.

  1. Healthcare

Wooden windows and doors create an environment that is both peaceful and comfortable – two primary requirements in hospitals and diagnostic centres. They ward off the noise and render much-needed warmth to the patient care units.

The wooden window frames and doors at AIS Glasxperts are made using the high-quality engineered quality of Accoya wood. We also provide a warranty of 50 years on the timber and five years on our products. Our high-quality wooden frames are free from swelling, bending and warping even after long term use and are covered with low VOC environment-friendly coatings. With cutting-edge space-comprehensive solutions, our experts provide perfect installation and post-installation services. Contact us today to adorn your house or commercial space with the ethereal charm of wooden windows and doors.

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