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Why You Should Choose Aluminum Windows and Frames

Posted Date: Dec 04, 2020

Have you ever wondered about the role windows play in our homes? Perhaps, the logical and scientific answer to this question is that windows provide cross-ventilation and natural light that enhances our interiors and brings much-needed freshness to the environment inside. However, windows also play a much more significant role by setting the mood and personality of the space along with creating that healthy first impression upon visitors. Besides, looking out the window can be as calming and relaxing as taking a stroll in the park, and a nice view adds aesthetic appeal to the house. Thus, windows are the source of comfort and charm in any building, and a house without windows is like a body without a soul.

Aluminum: A Gift to Architecture

While aesthetics play an essential role in building a house, durability and strength of materials are equally important aspects. One such material that is known for these qualities, as well as its incredible flexibility, is Aluminum. This makes the metal the first choice for most architects while designing homes. Used widely as window frames, Aluminum is nothing less than a gift to the fenestration industry. The metal is widely used in contemporary architecture and is suitable for the ‘less frame, more glass’ trend currently dominating the market. Read on to find more valuable properties of Aluminum and why an Aluminium window is worth investing in.

What Makes Aluminum Ideal for Frames and Windows?

Are you looking for the right material for your windows? Then, read further to know what makes Aluminium window the best choice.


Aluminium can be bent into different shapes and sizes according to your needs and is difficult to break. This is the reason why using it in your home is a good decision as there will be less disruption and breakage.

Mechanical Properties

Aluminium is suitable for windows because of its robust and sturdy properties. In addition, when exposed to extreme weather conditions like storms and rains, it stays put and doesn’t get affected. This implies that Aluminum does not react to chemical or weather changes. The material is such that it does not flake or peel and thus, doesn’t require repainting when compared to other materials.


When it comes to maintenance, an Aluminium window can become your best friend. The material is easy-to-clean, leakage-proof, and needs minimum maintenance. Cleaning the windows once every month can be sufficient to keep them looking brand-new. Moreover, Aluminum doesn’t rust or rot easily and also remains unaffected by Ultra-Violet (UV) rays of the sun. It is also pollution-resistant, which makes it a good choice for the Indian climate.


Security is a matter of utmost importance for any homeowner and thus, choosing the right material for windows and frames is necessary. Aluminium is strong and adds a layer of security to your house when used in window frames. Another reason for favouring aluminium is that it is also a fire-proof material, thus offering high levels of security to your space, especially when coupled with safety glass solutions such as toughened or laminated glass.


Were you aware that Aluminium is also 100% recyclable? Yes, it can be recycled completely, which makes Aluminum good for the environment or eco-friendly construction material. The material can be reused till infinity and can be moulded into new objects. Thus, choosing an Aluminium window means you are investing in a green future and decreasing your carbon footprint.

Types of Aluminium Windows

As Aluminium is a highly popular choice for windows, there is a wide range of options for Aluminium windows to choose from. These styles are modern and come in an exotic range of colour options.

Aluminium Sliding Windows: If you are looking for a minimalistic look for your interiors, then sliding windows are the ideal choice for you. They are also best for small spaces as the window simply slides against a horizontal bar for ease of operation.

Aluminium Bay Windows: This innovative design is made for high performance and low maintenance. The design fits both modern and traditional architecture and provides an aesthetic appeal to the building along with ample natural light and fresh air.

Aluminium Casement Windows: Opening outwards or inwards against a hinge or pivot, aluminium casement windows invite plenty of natural light and cross-ventilation besides adding a Victorian charm to the space.

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