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Why Sliding Glass Doors Are the Perfect Solution for Your Home

Sliding Glass Doors the Perfect Solution for Your Home

Posted Date: Nov 12, 2019

Why Sliding Glass Doors are Perfect for Home

Being a vital component of your interiors as well as exteriors, doors (entrance or otherwise) help in creating a lasting impression. Moreover, they are a pretty long-term investment and hence need to be chosen after careful scrutiny. Thanks to advancements in technology, modern doors not only increase the aesthetic value of your home but also rank high on functionality. We may have imagined doors to possess the quintessential L shape but with changing times, our door needs and solutions have changed too. And one such door that has gained worldwide popularity due to its unique design and trendy patterns is sliding doors. Sliding systems for doors have become a sensational hit in the market and are quickly changing the way we interpret doors forever.

The Rising Popularity of Sliding Glass Doors

A study conducted by Freedonia revealed that despite being such a niche product in a significantly huge industry, the sliding door market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 4%. The reason for their steady upward graph is the versatility and smart operability that sliding doors offer. And with the noteworthy boom in the sliding door market, manufacturers recognised the need to invent trendy, new designs to increase their efficiency and to enhance the aesthetic brilliance of the spaces they’re installed in.

As a result, sliding doors were incorporated with glass - a versatile building material that instantly adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Made from sand, limestone and sodium carbonate, glass is designed to be 100% recyclable and sustainable. Thus, sliding glass doors have become the preferred choice amongst designers and architects looking for eco-friendly options for their projects that strike the perfect balance between sustainability, aesthetics and functionality.

Sliding glass doors are available in unique variants that match the vibe of every home and can be customised from scratch to suit your every need. AIS Glasxperts offers specialised solutions for sliding systems which increase the strength and resilience of your homes. While uPVC frames provide improved efficiency through its durable and long-lasting properties, wooden frames serve as a premium and environmentally sustainable choice and also provide a strong foundation for your sliding doors. Moreover, AIS Glasxperts incorporates tempered glass- a superior, stronger and much more resilient glass than standard glass solutions, making sliding glass doors the perfect solution for homes.

However, it’s important to do your due diligence about every piece of equipment that you install in your home. That’s why we will discuss the role sliding glass doors can play in elevating the look and feel of your home -

Advantages of Installing Sliding Glass Doors

Still on the fence about installing sliding glass doors? You won’t be after you take a look at some of the remarkable benefits that they have to offer.

  1. Lets Daylight into Your Homes

It is no secret that sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D - a vital component for good health. However, in several modern-day houses, most of the natural light is blocked by curtains or opaque doors. Sliding glass doors are a great way to let in the right amount of natural light. Glass is also modified to be UV-resistant that only allows the filtered rays of the sun to enter the house.

Moreover, sunlight is known to regulate our circadian rhythms. This leads to improved sleep quality and enhanced overall well-being. People who work from home may benefit from installing sliding glass doors in their home office space as sunlight boosts productivity levels from anywhere between 3-40% and enhances creativity by 15%. Another great benefit of sliding glass doors are the reduced costs of energy bills as they brighten up the room naturally, eliminating the need for artificial lighting.

  1. Major Space Saver

Living in a studio apartment and looking for stylish and practical space-saving door solutions? Sliding glass doors are the way to go. They glide through a parallel track to instantly provide you with a bigger space as opposed to the traditional door that requires extra space to operate. Additionally, they divide spaces without the permanence of walls. They serve as efficient partitions to open up a cramped living room by giving the illusion of a larger space but also give you instant privacy when required.

  1. Enhanced Décor

There are no limitations to the horde of creative solutions that sliding glass doors have to offer. Available in a multitude of colours and patterns, they instantly liven up the interiors to create a luxurious space. You can find the perfect sliding door solution that match the vibe of your home. For instance, people who have a backyard and want to add a bohemian touch can add glass-paned sliding doors at the back entrance. An added advantage of sliding glass doors is that they do not take up any unwanted space, allowing you to decorate your home with picture frames, decorative light fixtures, fancy mirrors and other décor items.

On the hunt for specialised sliding systems? Put an end to your hunt with AIS Glasxperts! We offer 360-degree solutions for all your glass interiors and customisation needs. With our exclusive glass arrangements and impeccable service, we can help you create the picture-perfect home of your dreams. Get in touch with us today.


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