Why Glass Solutions are ideal for Shopping Malls?
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Why Glass Solutions are ideal for Shopping Malls?

What comes across your mind when you think of taking your family or friends out to a shopping mall for a good shopping day or a fun filled eating session? It’s of course the ambience, the unique retail experience beyond the store, with gastronomic attractions, fitness and wellness suites, salons, cinemas and theaters. Modern shopping malls have become an integral world in themselves. Each day millions of people enter a shopping mall. Thus, without compromising the quality of service to be given to them there exists glass solutions which are considered ideal for a viable experience in a shopping mall by the people.

glass solutions for interiors

The different glass solutions are available in combination to create a multi-functional glazing that will help in low-maintenance, noise reduction, artistic appeal and enhanced safety and security. Glass solutions which provide us with products like energy efficient glass keeping the temperature at bay and cutting down carbon emission. It is the window that brings in the natural sunlight into the spaces. And the most important thing in the window is – the Glass. Glass allows natural light into the spaces which blends the interior with ambience.  Solar control glass plays an important role in not just significantly reducing the incoming heat but also decreasing the cost on air-conditioning.

Glass solutions for retail space

Spider fittings enable the architectural freedom of connecting glass to any structural substrate. Also having glass sliding doors brings out a good look to the space, adds value, without compromising on the quality. These high-end efficient energy solutions help you maintain the classy ambience without going overboard.


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