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Why Glass Railings Are a Practical Choice for Balconies 

Glass Railings for Balconies

Posted Date: Jan 25, 2024

Sick of balcony railings blocking your views and requiring constant upkeep? Glass railings provide a practical solution! They maximise visibility with minimal maintenance compared to wood or metal. But is glass sturdy enough for a balcony? Absolutely - when properly installed, glass railings meet strict building codes for safety. Read on to learn why balcony glass railings are the smart choice without breaking your budget or your back. 

1. Unbeatable Views 

The number one reason people love glass railing is the visibility - glass lets you fully appreciate the sights from your balcony without anything obstructing the view. Whether you're overlooking an epic city skyline, a stunning natural vista, or simply your backyard oasis, glass maximises visual enjoyment. 

Other railing materials like wood, metal, or cable obscure sightlines with thick posts and wide rail components. Glass uses slim, transparent vertical supports that blend into the scenery, keeping your views expansive and uninterrupted. 

2. Safety Tested and Approved 

Railing glass balconies are made from tempered or laminated safety glass.  Tempered glass gets reinforced to withstand impacts better. Laminated builds a strong interlayer into the glass to contain the pieces if it cracks. Both options aim to keep occupants of glass balconies safe. 

Building code requires balcony glass to pass rigorous safety tests involving impacts from weights dropped from varying heights. Trust that your professionally installed balcony glass railing is tough enough to protect you and your loved ones. 

3. Low Maintenance Material 

Glass doesn't require intense upkeep and repairs over time, unlike other balcony railing materials. Wood can crack, warp, and rot. Metal picks up scrapes and rust.  

Glass holds up well to weather, retains its flawless look longer, and wipes clean easily. Just occasionally clean the glass with vinegar or a special glass cleaner to keep dust and grime from building up. Avoid harsh chemicals. 

4. Weather and UV-resistant 

Standard glass railing is made of soda-lime glass, which stands up excellently to the sun, rain, snow, and temperature extremes. The glass won't fade or degrade from UV rays. Appropriately anchored, the glass can readily withstand hurricane-force winds. 

Some choose tempered Low-E glass in frigid climates that insulate against heat loss. Chemically strengthened glass and laminated glass options provide even greater impact and weather resistance for demanding environments. 

5. Minimal Maintenance 

Aside from occasional cleaning, the glass railing needs less upkeep than other materials. No need to stain or seal the rails each year like wood. No paint chipping or rust issues either. And no cables stretching and requiring re-tensioning. 

The posts and anchor fittings will hold up for decades with basic care. Just periodically check that all connections are secure. Resealing the posts where they meet the deck may eventually be needed, but your glass will continue looking beautiful year after year. 

6. Cost Comparison 

In terms of upfront cost, the glass railing falls somewhere in the middle. Wood or cable comes in a bit cheaper, steel is comparable, aluminium is often the most expensive, but glass pays for itself in the long term when you consider how little maintenance it requires compared to other materials. Wood needs frequent staining and sealing. Cable and metal require extensive cleaning and rust-proofing. Glass needs the occasional wipe-down. 


For stunning visibility with durable, low maintenance, glass is the practical choice to take your balcony to the next level. Consult a professional glass installer to discuss your options and get a quote. With smart planning, you'll relax on your new glass-enclosed balcony and enjoy those phenomenal views in no time. AIS Glasxperts is the right option to choose to get the perfect glass railings for your home. 

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