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Why Frosted Glass Is A Great Choice For Cabinet Doors

Why Frosted Glass Ideal for Cabinet Doors

Glass door cabinets are truly one of the most sophisticated things you can have at your homes. With frosted glass being the easy to clean, modern, aesthetic alternative, the need for crystal clear glass has taken a backseat.

Be it your home or office, frosted glass serves the purpose of giving it a modern makeover. These are kind of enhancements which help you stay competitive while cutting utility and maintenance costs. Moreover, the choices are many when it comes to designing cabinets with a frosted glass door and modular wall systems are definitely one of the trendiest things. By introducing glass your commercial and residential spaces can become much livelier with natural lighting. Frosted glass indeed has a lot of benefits over clear glass which makes them a smarter choice for both office and well as residential applications. Let us look at some of the benefits which make them a must-have item to enhance the interiors of your home.

Why Frosted Glass Ideal for Cabinet Doors

• Soft lighting- Although frosted glass is not as clear as other glasses, this is actually an advantage. It lets the right amount of light in, making you less dependent on artificial lights and casting your showpieces in the cabinet in a mysterious, shallow brightness. This is a great aesthetic effect that can give your cabinets and the space it is installed in a bespoke look.

• Privacy- While frosted glass is useful to allow free flow of natural light, it also gives you the much needed privacy. Frosted glasses are a bit blurred and hence don’t let outsiders to intrude your privacy. So, if you want the contents of your cabinet to remain obscure, frosted glass doors are the right choice to make.

• Style- If there is one benefit which is appreciated by all; it is the style and elegance of frosted glasses which makes them perfect for your cabinets. They look fantastic and differentiate a simple cabinet from a modern one.

• Durability- While regular glasses are fragile and temporary, such is not the case with frosted or etched glasses. Crafted with annealed glass, they are meant to resist every environment. While drywalls have a tendency to turn brittle and yellow, the frosted glass cabinets will look new for years to come.

• Low Maintenance- Another advantage of frosted glass is that they are easy to maintain. All you need is a glass cleaner and a soft cloth to make them look great for years to come.

You can simply replace your existing cabinets with the ones with frosted glass by calling the experts from Glasxperts over. We use AIS Krystal frosted glass, the best architectural frosted glass in India, in all our applications Also consider adding aluminium sliding windows to go with your frosted glass cabinets for an ultimate makeover

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