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Imagine having a glass installed in your room which can change its appearance as per your liking? Well, smart glass (or switchable glass) is a high-tech glass manufactured by treating glass with an electrochromic metal oxide coating that allows it to transform from a transparent glass to a translucent glass when a low voltage of electricity is passed through the glass controllers. Fascinating, right? For patients recovering in a hospital room, such a glass window or façade can be extremely useful.

Modern architecture has greatly adopted the use of smart glass for various purposes. Recently it has been witnessed that the Health Care Industry is greatly relying on the smart glass for appealing, functional and spacious interiors. It can be customized and manufactured with uPVC, aluminium or wooden glass window frameworks. Mentioned below are 4 reasons why the healthcare industry uses smart glass to enhance the patient and staff well-being:

1. Ensures privacy and aids recovery of the patients

Owing to features like turning translucent, smart glass is primarily used for privacy everywhere. Privacy smart glass such as AIS Swytchglas™ can be installed in patient rooms, testing laboratories, operation theatres, and examination rooms. This will not only ensure patient-doctor confidentiality but also allow the staff to monitor or review the patient from the outside without getting exposed to the infectious environment. Ensuring privacy enhances the overall patient comfort and satisfaction. Additionally, smart glass architecture allows a patient to control the amount of lighting inside his or her room, thus ensuring comfortable and calming interiors at all times.

2. More space available

From doctor chambers and laboratories to waiting rooms and more –a hospital has it all. Building walls to create partitions between so many rooms is not possible. Installing smart glass for partitions is one of its major benefits as it will save both money and space. Now, along with privacy, enjoy spacious rooms that can accommodate more people.

3. A better alternative to the unhygienic curtains

Many hospitals use curtains for privacy. Unfortunately, curtains are not a hygienic option. They can retain dust and germs that can cause infectious diseases. Also, cleaning and sterilizing curtains are a lot difficult as they need to be washed.

Smart glass is a more convenient choice owing to its low-maintenance requirements. Dirt and dust are easily visible on the surface of the clear glass, and hence, can easily be cleaned and maintained, making it a better alternative to the unhygienic curtains.

4. Elevates the aesthetic appeal of the interiors

Installing privacy glass in health centres is a brilliant idea. It makes the room appear more spacious and organized. Also, the glass allows sufficient light to enter the room making it appear brighter. Install switchable glass alongside security glass panels to ensure maximum security.

Switchable glass is a modern innovation designed to provide both privacy and aesthetic appeal to the interiors. Contact the leading manufacturers of smart glass in India like AIS GlasXperts and get privacy glass installed today.

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