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Representing a major development in wood technology, Accoya wood enables the development of environment-friendly solid wood that has dimensional stability, durability and beauty that’s in the match and in fact exceeds the quality of best tropic hardwood. Demanding applications require tolerances that are tight and Accoya wood perfectly fits the criteria regardless of the conditions.

Accoya wood is the perfect solution for sidings where sustainability, high performance, and aesthetics are of utmost importance. Additionally, Accoya wood is suitable for deckings where it is crucial that the board does not twist, warp or bow split. With an amalgamation of expertise in glass and wood, AIS Glasxpert’s offers premium solutions with unbeatable quality. Lavish and durable privacy glass windows and doors equipped with modern functionalities provide Gasxperts a cutting edge in the market.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of switching to AIS Glasxpert’s wooden glass doors and windows made from Accoya-
1) Beauty and Appeal- The rich organic texture of Accoya wood, when implemented in any wooden glass door or window acts as an amazing addition to any home or building. It adds an element of visual interest that makes them a perfect choice for discerning builders, architects, and homeowners all over the world. Moreover, AIS Glasxpert’s international manufacturing standards ensure brilliant results with regal aesthetics.

2) Variety Of Styles- When choosing a wooden glass door design for your home, it is important to ensure that it pairs well with the architecture of your home. The style you choose must also complement the overall design of your home. This is where modern wooden glass doors and windows come into the picture. They are available in a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from for different applications such as offices, homes, retail stores, healthcare, hospitality etc.

3) Long-Lasting And Durable- With just a bit of maintenance, wooden glass doors and windows can last decades, without a doubt! Since AIS Glasxperts employ Accoya wood in its glass doors and windows, the product is highly durable and comes with a 50-year timber warranty.

4) Noise And Heat Insulation- Being an efficient insulator, Accoya wood doors and windows significantly reduce the energy spent on regulating the temperature. Hence, your homes stay cool during summers and warm during the winters. Modern wooden glass doors and windows made with Accoya are also sufficient enough to maintain a peaceful environment at home. Moreover, they are resilient to heat, moisture, impact, and termites etc. Hence, there is no warping, swelling, bending or weathering.

Simply put our wooden glass doors and windows made from Accoya wood offer a timeless appeal that never gets too old.

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