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Why Does Smart Glass Architecture Make Sense for Hospitality Sector?

Posted Date: Jan 05, 2019

Smart glass is a new generation product that is immensely popular in the hospitality sector owing to its plethora of benefits. It is a cost-effective solution that provides privacy and elevates the interior design of the house. A smart glass is a glass fused with modern technology that turns translucent when electricity or heat is applied to it. Visit any decent modern hotel, and you will witness the brilliant, extravagant and classy appearance that these smart glasses add to the structure.

Here is why smart glass in India has received huge acclamation in the hospitality sector over the last few years:-


Privacy is one of the key features of smart glass. For the places that need privacy inside the room, these glasses are an ideal hi-tech alternative. Contrary to blinds and curtains, a smart glass partition or a façade requires very little maintenance, and allows light to pass and provide instant privacy. Most importantly, smart glass is very easy to operate as by a single click on a remote control, the guests can change the appearance of the glass from transparent to translucent and vice versa!

Appealing interiors

A smart glass can be installed almost anywhere to elevate the aesthetic appeal. From hotel rooms to the lobby, smart glass is the ideal innovation to embellish them. For the hospitality sector, making a striking first impression is essential to attract more guests. Switching conventional doors with smart glasses not only allows ample light to enter the interiors but also provides privacy when required, making the room appear brighter and enhancing its beauty. You can install them in appealing wooden glass window frames to further boost the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Saves Space

Availability of sufficient space is an important aspect of the hospitality sector. Most hotels in urban cities do not have enough space to build large rooms. Building walls is not only an expensive alternative but also, a space-consuming one. Installing Switchable glass is preferred over building walls as it allows more space to build larger rooms for the guests and offers privacy when required. Also, smart glass is used to create partitions inside the room to make them attractive and add more features.

Energy efficient alternative

Electricity covers a huge section of the overall expenditure in the hospitality sector. In order to minimise energy consumption, installing smart glass is prudent. Depending on the outdoor weather conditions, one can change the smart glass’ optical properties to conserve more energy. During summer days, it can be translucent most of the time in order to reduce the heat transfer from outdoors and keep the indoors cooler. This reduces the need for air conditioners and coolers and saves more energy. Also, it allows ample light to pass through that reduces the requirement for artificial light.

Smart glass is a smarter choice for the hospitality sector. The innovative attraction makes the interiors appear more opulent despite being a cost-effective choice in the long-run. It attracts more high-end business engagements and guests, and increases business.

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