Why do Architects Recommends to Install uPVC Windows
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Why do Architects Recommend uPVC Windows for Your Home?

Architects Recommend uPVC Windows

Posted Date: Nov 06, 2020

Architects Recommend uPVC Windows

“More windows, less darkness; less darkness, more vision; more vision, more wisdom!” said Mehmet Murat ildan, the great Turkish writer while articulating the role of windows in our homes and our lives. From ushering in ample natural light, facilitating proper ventilation, to connecting the occupants of a structure to the glorious outdoors, windows are also an important aesthetic element.

Carefully interweaving form and function, these fundamental elements of a space are available in a plethora of designs. From transom to clerestory, from casement to sliding, there’s a window style for everyone and every need, whether you’re looking for minimal sheers or some ornate drama. However, the glass used in designing windows does not exist in vacuum; it is the frame that brings it all together and imparts this structure its integrity and visual appeal.

From the viewpoint of both advanced functionality and aesthetics that wow and mesmerise, uPVC windows have been a choice option among architects and interior designers alike. And now that their fame is reaching far and wide, there’s hardly a homeowner who does not swear by their ‘amazingness.’

Well, but are you among those wondering, “So what’s really all the hype about?” In all sincerity, you are about to discover that the demand surrounding uPVC windows is much more than a hype.

Superior Aesthetics – A Fine Extension of the Faculties

Scour as much as you will, but with uPVC windows, there’s never going to be a dull design as far as the eyes can see. Barring window designs, which may remain common for all framing materials, uPVC windows can be painted in a plethora of colours to suit the aesthetics of the remaining of the space – whether you want them to blend in with the rest of the colour theme or stand out with contrasting shades.

This trick works notwithstanding the colour code of your space – be it vibrant-hued walls, walls that follow a subdued colour theme, or one that has been draped in richly patterned wallpaper.

Low-Maintenance – There Maybe 99 Problems, but Heavy Upkeep Shouldn’t be One

It’s one thing to be excited about getting new windows installed; having to maintain them is a whole different ballgame, or so people think! Such is not the case with uPVC windows that require minimal upkeep. This is definitely not to say that your uPVC windows can retain their prime and shine come what may; however, these robust structures are inherently maintenance-free, being resistant to corrosion, moisture, chemicals, termites, saltwater, and other external elements.

For your few and far between cleansing rituals, just use a clean dusting cloth, dip it in a solution of baking soda and water or other window cleaning agent and gently scrub your windows, in-and-out.

Long Life – The First-Born Child of Durability

“There is no such thing as great work without longevity,” says Johnny M. Hunt, the evangelical Christian pastor and author. Desiring a long life is the natural law and the same holds true for people and objects. Thankfully, uPVC windows' intrinsic durable nature grants them a reasonably long life, well, long enough to last you a lifetime - their average life expectancy is 20 years. And even during the course of their existence, these windows will not rot, peel, or corrode. Need we say anything more?

Eco-Friendly – Because it’s Not an Investment if it’s Destroying the Earth

“Good design is always sustainable design.” What’s the point of having a great design idea or space when it is an accomplice to bringing the world to ruin? Thankfully, uPVC windows tick the sustainability checkbox as well! A 100% recyclable material, both uPVC and glass in tandem will help you reduce your carbon footprint. For those who believe that green architecture must be developed at the expense of high design are yet to experience the glory of uPVC windows in this area.

Multi-Point Locking Mechanisms – Better to be Safe than Sorry

“Home is where the heart is” because that’s one place one may feel safe – physically, emotionally, and socially. While your loved ones take care of the emotional and social aspect, uPVC windows will take care of the physical. These windows usually come with multi-point locking mechanisms that make them very difficult to breakthrough. Plus, when used in combination with toughened safety glass, these windows offer 360-degree safety.

Over and above all this, uPVC windows are also champions in making a space energy-efficient and acoustic-insulated. How? Well, again, this has got a lot to do with uPVC’s personal nature as well as the choice of glass installed.

Time to install new windows? Whether it’s your new home, an overhaul, or the simple fact that your former windows have now breathed their last, you have everything to gain by giving uPVC windows a shot! To complement the look and value of your uPVC windows, AIS Glasxperts will offer the 'just right' glass solution. Make your space safe, energy-efficient, private, acoustic insulated, and free from pollution; you make the decision; we deliver the solution! Just get in touch with us today!

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