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What Are Smart Windows? A Comprehensive Guide 

What Are Smart Windows? A Comprehensive Guide

Posted Date: Jan 25, 2024

Tired of dreary windows that can't adapt to serve your needs? Choose smart glass - the revolutionary material that transitions at the click of a button. Also termed switchable glass or electronically tintable glass, these futuristic windows regulate light, heat and privacy to customise spaces on demand. Once solely in CEO corner offices, smart tech finally trickles down to upgrade residential abodes. In the section below, we'll discuss what are smart windows in detail. 

How Does Smart Glass Technology Work?  

The sorcery lies in specialised coatings sandwiched between two layers of durable glass. By applying a low-voltage electric current, the coating enables transparent glass to transform into various adjustable opacity states. Three primary smart glass technologies exist: 

a. PDLC- Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal-based smart glass depends on liquid crystals floating within a polymer film layered between glass sheets. The crystals realign to scatter light upon electrical stimulation, creating adjustable foggy translucence for privacy. 

b. EC- Electrochromic coatings utilise metal oxides and thin conductive films that physically change with different electrical voltages. This permits dynamic visible light transmission control.  

c. SPD- Suspended Particle Device Bright windows contain microscopic particles suspended within a film. When activated, the particles align to form a light-restricting barrier. Remains transparent otherwise. 

While mechanisms differ, all smart windows effectively act as selective light transmission filters. So occupants enjoy glare and heat mitigation or privacy while retaining outdoor views as desired. 

Applications of Smart Glass 

Given unparalleled versatility, smart windows serve wonderfully throughout commercial and residential spaces: 

1. Windows: Electrochromic or PDLC smart glass can tint on demand to control sunlight and glare. This provides privacy, energy savings from HVAC adjustments, and more comfortable environments. Smart windows are great for homes and offices. 

2. Partitions/Room Dividers: Frosted visual barriers offer privacy partitioning open-concept rooms without confinement.  

3. Home Offices: Reduced glare and eye strain by blocking intense light during work hours for comfortable composing.   

4. Bath/Dressing Rooms: Instant fogged glass prevents visual intrusion into private washroom areas as needed.  

5. Bedrooms: Light-blocking darkness and noise abatement at bedtime maximises restful sleep quality. 

With creative implementation, the possibilities for ambience control through smart window customisation are endless. 

Benefits of Installing Smart Glass Doors and Windows 

Beyond incredible on-demand adjustments to illumination and visibility, smart windows boast additional upside: 

  • Energy Savings: Automatically darken sunlight exposure in warm weather and reduce HVAC cooling demands – cutting electricity usage by over 25% annually. Maximum natural light intake during cold nights or seasons also helps diminish artificial lighting requirements. 
  • Enhanced Comfort: Curbing intense sunlight, glare and heat year-round maintains optimal room temperatures for lounging or working without a breakout of sweat or the need for curtains/blinds. 
  • Noise Reduction: Activated privacy glass settings assist with sound-dampening thanks to high inner density and air tightness. Mitigates outdoor and indoor noises.  
  • Touch Integration: Electrical stimulation for tint adjustments is possible through convenient wall switches, remotes and voice commands when interfaced with home automation systems for control convenience.  

Smart glass does bear high start-up costs, especially for expansive installations. However, the expense pays back over time through augmented environmental comfort, customisation flexibility, noise and heat insulation and significantly lowered power usage. A worthy investment in lifestyle as much as interior functionality and energy conservation. Dynamic smart glass ushers the dwelling experience into an excitingly responsive future. 


Smart windows usher domestic living into an integrated future through glass technology that bends to our preferences electronically. Finally, windows adapt on command for optimal daylighting, temperature and seclusion. Beyond boosting energy efficiency, the granular light modulation and instant privacy allow custom room ambience scene-setting to match activities or moods. Contact AIS Glasxperts for installing smart glass windows. 

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