3 Reasons your restaurant needs heat resistant glass!
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Reasons to Install Heat Resistant Glass at your Restaurant

Posted Date: Aug 31, 2021

The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive ones to work in, let alone start your own business. As a result, restaurant owners need to identify multiple elements that can give them an edge over the competition. One such element is heat resistant glass. It can truly help you create the ambience you desire while also ensuring a certain level of safety for you and your patrons. How? That’s what we’re here to tell you!

What is heat resistant glass?

Heat resistant glass is, as the name suggests, specially designed to stay protected from the heat. This not only makes it an excellent addition to kitchens but also ideal for windows. Heat resistant glass is made using silica sand, chemicals, soda lime, boric oxide and other materials to ensure it does not expand and shatter when the heat in its surrounding atmosphere is too high.

Why should you use heat resistant glass in your restaurants?

When building your restaurant, don’t just focus on the aesthetics and decor. You’ve got to think about the practical side of things too. Getting heat resistant glass is incredibly important and can benefit you in many ways. Some of the benefits it offers are:

  1. Protection against fire

    One of the most significant benefits of using heat resistant glass is that they are also fire resistant to a certain extent. In a restaurant where there are always multiple things brewing in the kitchen, fire is a dangerous hazard. If you have a picture window that allows customers to look into the kitchen, then you should definitely use heat resistant glass.

    In case you don’t have such a window, you can always make sure that the kitchens have a few windows and then install the heat resistant glass there. Doing so will also help you ensure that there’s adequate ventilation in the kitchen and that windows can be opened when needed. 

  2. A great look

    Open-concept designs are all the rage these days. They help spaces look larger than they are and add value to the overall decor when done correctly. In a restaurant, glass panels can be used to create partitions between different sections without making the space itself look cramped or small. 

    Apart from making the space look great, these heat resistant glass panels will ensure that even if there is a small fire, it won’t spread all over your beloved restaurant as the glass will be able to stop it. 

  3. Great utility

    Many restaurants have smoking zones so that patrons can go into a separate section and smoke without disturbing their guests. Smoking zones definitely increase the risk of fire; however, for restaurant owners who want to survive in the world of dining and partying, these spaces are also unavoidable. 

    In such cases, you can create a glass cubicle that’s made entirely of heat resistant glass. Even if a small fire starts due to a lit cigarette that’s been forgotten, it will still be contained within the smoking zone. Additionally, since the walls will be made of glass, your staff will be able to spot the flames in time and prevent any unfortunate incident from taking place.

Where can you get heat resistant glass?

At AIS Glasxperts, we are the leading manufacturers and distributors of high-performance glass. No matter what your needs are, whether they be energy-efficient products or heat resistant glass, we can offer you everything you need and more. With decades of experience in the field, we have learnt to anticipate the needs of our customers and thus, often can help you understand what you need and make more informed decisions. As a result, when you work with AIS Glasxperts, you’ll never suffer from buyer’s remorse!

To know more about how you can use heat resistant glass in different commercial spaces, get in touch with our experts today.

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