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Wood is a versatile building material that has found numerous applications in modern day architecture. The traditional miracle building material has become even more efficient and adaptable with rapid technological advancements. Apart from its versatility, wood is popular for its unmatched durability and strength. Lighter than steel, wood also provides a structure with the resilience and stability it requires to last long. Being a fantastic insulator, wood is an ideal companion for builders and end users alike.

Usage of Wood in Modern Architecture

Today, wood can be used in numerous ways to elevate the look and feel of your modern space. From being used in the construction of doors and windows to deckings, claddings, screenings and even floorings, the versatility of wood is unrivalled.

Wood with its unique properties is the ideal choice for homeowners as well as for commercial space developers.. Real solid wooden doors and windows do not jam or swell, even under unfavourable weather conditions. They’re highly durable and resilient, therefore ideal for areas exposed to moisture – such as the bathroom, main entrance door, balcony door, etc. Choose wooden front doors designs made with solid wood as opposed to ply or veneer and enjoy an unmatched blend of traditional durability and modern aesthetics. As for windows, you have the liberty to choose between sleek casement windows, elegant sliding windows or you could also customise as per your style. Wood is extremely popular among architects and interior designers alike for its easy adaptability and unmatched versatility. Apart from traditional uses in doors and windows, solid wood is also used as a high-end solution for sun shading and privacy screening in commercial as well as residential spaces.

When it comes to constructing a luxurious bungalow, the backyard must also play its part in lending your space an allure. The ultimate solution for luxurious backyards - wooden decks have an understated elegance that cannot be beaten. A wooden deck can pass off as internal solid wood flooring and can easily be constructed as an extension of the indoor space. Made using natural solid wood, the deck would remain resilient to sunlight, rain and rot for decades to come, allowing you a space to host small parties and enjoy star gazing.

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