3 Concrete ways uPVC windows can improve any commercial space!
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How can uPVC windows help jazz up commercial spaces?

Commercial Spaces With uPVC Windows - Preview

Posted Date: Jul 23, 2021

Commercial Spaces With uPVC Windows

Decades ago, when aesthetics and design were not driving factors in the success of commercial space, most shopping complexes and offices had a very generic look to them. Now, with market competition skyrocketing and most consumers and working professionals being savvier, builders strive to offer stunning commercial spaces that will attract hordes of people. Implementing contemporary design elements is a great way to do so. One such design element that can truly uplift any space is uPVC windows.

uPVC windows come in many forms, which is what makes them so versatile. From large picture windows to sliding doors, you can get any style you want and ensure that it fits in with your overall design aesthetic. uPVC windows have numerous applications in different types of commercial spaces - be it malls, shopping complexes, or even office buildings. This is one of the many reasons why they have become so popular recently.

If you’re wondering whether uPVC windows can actually make a commercial space look better, here are some factors that will help you come to a conclusion!

Reasons why uPVC Windows are ideal for commercial spaces!

    1. A better way to showcase products

    Today, retailers must contend with increasing competition, which can make it hard to survive in any marketplace. When you’re building a commercial space that’s designed to be a shopping complex, make sure you build stunning uPVC windows in each store so that passersby can see what’s inside. Picture windows can be an excellent option for this; however, you can also go with large sliding doors that offer the combined utility of a door and window.

    2. A great ambience for employees

    Today’s workforce is not likely to feel content while just sitting in cubicles, toiling away. There has to be something attractive and inspiring about the ambience you’re creating for working professionals so that they don’t feel as though they are stuck in a box all day long.

    Using uPVC windows while creating office spaces can be a great idea. Apart from ensuring that you’re offering a pleasing ambience, you can also use specific types of glass to ensure that the addition of the windows isn’t leading to excess heat retention.

    To that effect, you can choose uPVC windows that feature any of the following:

    • Eco windows: These uPVC windows are known for using high-performance Glass to ensure that heat is blocked from entering the room while the light is allowed to pass through. This ensures that your reliance on air conditioning is also lessened, thereby helping you reduce your electricity bills and enjoy more significant savings. Such uPVC windows can be used to create sliding doors, partitions and even bay windows, making them quite versatile.
    • Silent windows: No one wants to work in an office space that is too noisy - especially when all the noise comes from outside the office! You can use uPVC windows that are fitted with special noise-cancelling Glass that can block noise as high as 42 decibels. No matter what you’re using the uPVC windows for - sliding doors, partitions or bay windows - you can fit them with noise-cancelling Glass quite easily.
    • Safe windows: If your office is not on the ground floor, then using flimsy Glass in your uPVC windows can pose a massive threat to the safety of your employees. Glass that breaks easily can cause injuries, and it increases your liability as a company if there’s a risk of people falling through the Glass, onto the ground below. Safe windows are made with reinforced Glass that’s very tough to break.
    • Guard windows: Sometimes, people choose not to rent out an office with large windows as they fear break-ins and burglaries. This type of thought process belongs in the past as today; most uPVC windows are made with intrusion-resistance Glass. Such Glass cannot be broken easily and thereby reduces the risk of anyone entering the office space when no one is there.
    • Custom windows: Finally, uPVC windows can also be customised so that all your needs are met. For example, you can have silent windows that are also made with high-performance Glass. All you need to do is speak to your glass manufacturer about your needs, and they’ll ensure that your building has the perfect uPVC windows.

    3. Natural light in malls

    One of the most popular commercial spaces visited by most consumers are malls. Malls offer access to multiple stores, restaurants, multiplexes, and even lounges and are air-conditioned for maximum comfort. However, most malls have one major drawback - there’s very little natural light. A dingy mall is less likely to attract crowds, which is why you should ensure there are skylights and uPVC windows that let the light in.

    As mentioned in the previous section, when you use uPVC windows for commercial spaces, you can use specialised glass to ensure that natural light does not translate to excess heat. This will give your consumers the best of both worlds - great light and high cooling!

    As you can see, uPVC windows can enhance the look and overall functionality of a space. Providing greater comfort to your customers can make sure that your commercial spaces are a huge success in terms of footfall.

Why should you use uPVC windows?

As a builder, you’re probably wondering why you should use uPVC windows over any other type of windows. uPVC windows offer a range of practical benefits that allow developers of commercial spaces to sell their spaces more efficiently. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • uPVC windows are very easy to maintain - cleaning them does not take a long time as the frames are not prone to staining
  • They offer a range of features such as toughened glass, heat blocking, and so on.
  • uPVC windows are not subject to damage in the form of rotting, corrosion, and sun exposure. This is because the plastic material used to create the frames of these windows is quite durable.
  • They offer weatherproofing and protect the space from dust and rain.
  • uPVC windows have multi-locking systems in place, which can help heighten the security of the commercial space
  • They are aesthetically pleasing and can allow you to build commercial spaces with a contemporary and attractive design.
  • uPVC windows offer acoustic insulation
  • They are also eco-friendly and offer thermal insulation.

Where can you get high-quality uPVC windows?

At AIS Windows, we offer high-quality uPVC windows that can be manufactured and designed to your specifications. As a result, our windows can fit in with any aesthetic you’re looking to emulate. Our windows surpass those offered by our competitors as they are made with high-quality materials and boast of a range of features such as:

  • Multi-chambered profile that adds to the insulation
  • Weather-resistant seal that ensures greater durability
  • Anti-leakage compression seal that ensures you don’t have to worry about rain or dust entering your space
  • Fusion-welded construction enhances the durability of all our products while also ensuring that you never have to use any putty.
  • Multiple coats of glazing that improves the insulation of the glass

No matter what space you’re planning to build, you can use our uPVC windows and end up with a fantastic space! To know more, get in touch with our experts today.

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