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UPVC windows for Extreme Weather and Wind Resistance

Posted Date: Jun 11, 2020

Lo and behold! The monsoon season is already upon us. India will finally revel in the relief brought along by the rain, especially after a scorching summer that’s almost on its way out. Even amid the unfortunate events unravelled by the pandemic, the monsoon will award moments of relief to countless residents across the country.

Although the monsoon season awards perfect temperatures where it’s not too cold nor hot, it does bring along unwanted friends, for example, thunderstorms and hurricanes. These windy adversaries show up unannounced and force us to enjoy the rainy season from the confines of our homes.

Not all Windows Work Well against Wind and Harsh Weather

Did you know that certain window materials and designs are best-suited only for lower floors? You must be wondering why such is the case. As a building grows in height, the wind load factor also goes up. The impact of wind load differs from floor to floor, and it is dangerously high on the top storeys.

The old-timey residential and commercial structures barely made it past the 10th floor. But, all that has changed today! As the buildings around us grow taller, the accessories like fenestration, etc. need to get lighter and more tenacious. Doors, windows, and railings require higher endurance to wind shear and extreme weather conditions.

Enter uPVC to the Rescue

Materials that are good conductors of electricity or ones that expand out of size due to humidity would not fare well in the world today, which has high-rise buildings fanned out across cities. Modern structures need a champion solution, and it comes in the face of uPVC windows.

uPVC or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is a lightweight, tenacious, and high-performance material with exceptional insulation properties. If you are facing troubles because of sloppy windows, it is time to look for a uPVC alternative.

What Makes uPVC Windows Stand Guard against Extreme Weather and Wind?

There are a host of unsung benefits of uPVC windows that allow them to keep your home safe from gusts of strong wind and thunderstorms.


High strength and durability are at the very foundation of uPVC windows, allowing it to stay unaffected across seasons and temperatures. These windows work on a ‘fit and forget’ mantra, and they barely require any maintenance. uPVC window frames don’t crack or bend under extreme weather conditions and also maintain their sheen and finish for years on end. Do you live close to the sea? Or, do you live in a high-rise building facing strong winds? If yes, then uPVC structures are ideal for you, as they can withstand extreme pressure without being affected.

Water Tight

uPVC as a material is very easy to mould, and therefore, windows made from it have excellent sealing properties. This feature is especially useful as it keeps rainwater, dust, and debris from entering your home. uPVC windows also fare well in the face of a dust storm, which is not an uncommon occurrence these days. Since frames made from these materials are entirely water-tight, you don’t run the risk of rainwater getting lodged between window joints, thus increasing longevity.


UPVC windows are highly customisable and can be further reinforced using steel or aluminium bars, also called hurricane bars inside frames to improve weather and wind resistance. These hurricane bars are robust and can comfortably bear a wind load up to 250 km/hr. Also, uPVC frame designs are flexible enough to allow for multiple seals that further stops air and water ingress.


While this benefit may not be directly linked to wind and weather resistance, it certainly deserves a special mention. In the unfortunate event of a fire, uPVC windows do not support combustion and do not catch on fire. Unlike several other materials, these structures are bad conductors of both electricity and heat. This advantage is also a part reason why uPVC windows offer excellent thermal comfort and high energy-efficiency.

Over to You

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a holistic solution to your fenestration woes, you can’t go wrong with uPVC windows. In addition to awarding your homes with exceptional safety and protection, uPVC windows also look great and come in a host of colours and finishes. These structures are eco-friendly and keep your household tucked away from pollution, which is a significant cause of concern these days.

To get the best out of uPVC windows, turn to AIS Glasxperts! Our team of professionals offers 360° solutions, from product selection, to site inspection, installation, and post-installation support. Our squad of skilled technicians is adept at handling projects of any magnitude and strives tirelessly to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience.

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