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uPVC Doors And Windows: The Cleaning Guide

uPVC is one of the most frequently used materials while constructing doors and windows. They look great and are extremely sturdy. Additionally, their smoothness and non-porousness makes them one of the most maintenance-friendly materials for framing and profiling doors and windows.


Whether you buy uPVC doors and windows in Delhi or any other place, they always come with a guarantee of requiring minimum maintenance and cleaning. However, when dust and dirt actually does settle over their surface or in hidden channels and corners of the frames, you can follow simple methods to clean them to avoid hazing of the glass. Here’s your cleaning guide:

1. Vacuum

The first step involves vacuuming of the extra dirt settled on the exteriors. Make sure you don’t leave any crevasse and crack untouched. Getting rid of the grime on the uPVC will make it easier to follow the next steps of cleaning.

2. Warm, Soapy Water

A piece of cloth and a bucket full of soapy warm water is your best weapon against the leftover dirt and stain. One mistake many people make is not changing the cleaning water. This leads to the spread of dirt on uPVC which is visible once the water dries. Thus, using clean water and cloth is important to ensure proper cleaning of the uPVC.

3. Cleaning The Glass

Once you’ve cleaned uPVC, throw the water in the bucket and fill it with warm water again. This time choose a micro-fiber cloth. After rinsing it in the water, clean the leftover grime on the windows and glass doors. This is one of the easiest yet most effective methods of cleaning your windows and doors while ensuring there is no crack or scratch on the glass surface.

4. Drying the uPVC & Glass

Bring to use a cloth or a sponge that wipes down and absorbs the water on the window. Make sure to clean in such a way that no smudges are left. Once this step is completed, you will notice your windows looking brand new again.

uPVC is extremely durable and has properties that make it immune to weather changes but there are many materials that can cause harm to uPVC windows and glass door designs. These are:

1. Scouring Pads

Scouring pads can be especially tempting when the dirt is stubborn. But refrain, as they can cause permanent damage to your uPVC.

2. Methylated Spirits

Rough spirits that contain poisonous chemicals like methanol may lead to deterioration of windows. Thus cleaning with such products must be strictly avoided.

3. Iron Wool

The abrasive nature of the iron wool makes it an ideal cleaner but not when you are cleaning uPVC. The iron wool can damage your uPVC by causing deep scratches on it.

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