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Gone are the days when the aesthetics of the window designs were limited to only its visual appeal. Changing technology calls for building a smart home, and contributing to the concept are uPVC doors and windows. Not only do they give a sleek frame to your door and windows, but also focus on major savings for you, proving to the absolute value-for-money solution your home needs. Let’s understand how:


Cost-friendly Material

There are old favourites when it comes to selecting the material for the frame – steel, aluminium, vinyl etc. But uPVC triumphs above all: it’s light, cost-efficient and as well as cost-effective, making it the best investment your bank balance will thank you for!

Cost-effective Maintenance

Super durable and rot-resistant, uPVC is a material that only pleases you with its longevity. Well-installed uPVC window designs and door frames easily last years, with the average age being around 20 years. It’s also extremely easy to clean, making it easier for you to maintain a dust-free, stain-free space. Their non-reaction to harsh chemicals and gases in the air has also made them extremely popular in the urban lifestyle. Talk about healthy savings!

Energy Savings

One of the biggest wins for uPVC as a frame material is that role it plays in maintaining energy levels of the interior spaces. With ingenuous solutions involving internal temperature moderation as well as noise cancellation solution, uPVC goes a long way in saving up on your electricity bills while also helping you save up on your personal energy. By cutting out heat received from sunlight in the harsh summers, uPVC windows and doors ensure cooler indoors, meaning you don’t need to run your air conditioning at full blast all the time. Once you have customised uPVC doors and windows installed, there is nothing to worry about!


Due to its long-lasting nature, uPVC takes time to show signs of damage. And when it does, you can even recycle the material. As a matter of fact, it can be recycled up to 10 times in its life cycle. It currently has the highest recyclability rate among its competitors.

Therefore it is no wonder that uPVC is moving to be the undisputed leader among the various materials available for your door and window frames. With climates moving towards being more extreme and harsh, uPVC can be your reliable companion.

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