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uPVC and Glass Doors: Your First Impression of a Space

Posted Date: Jul 19, 2020

uPVC and Glass Doors

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Contrary to popular belief, fenestration solutions can impact the visual appeal of a space, and especially the front doors. Not surprising many covet trendy, stylish alternatives for making a standout entrance.

But, how do you make a killer first impression? Read on to find out.

uPVC and Glass Doors: A Match Made in Heaven

 In contemporary décor, glass has received much praise, thanks to its advanced manufacturing. Once a ‘fragile’ material, it has become a favourite amongst interior designers and architects now. But you know what makes it a formidable material today? uPVC!

Glass, when paired with uPVC, becomes superior in several aspects – insulation, energy efficiency, security, style, you name it. As a result, you get multipurpose functionality and superior visual appeal in myriad styles.

Besides, you can choose from diverse door designs, like –

French Door Design

 A uPVC French glass door design is a perfect head turner, especially for residential applications. You can use a bold-hued uPVC door to create an unforgettable, dramatic focal point. Rock them with minimalist, urban, contemporary, or industrial décor for the best results.

After all, you can never go wrong with some French elegance. Go for stained, frosted, or patterned glass to create a trendy look. The design possibilities are endless.

 Folding Door Design

Got a large space? Get uPVC folding glass doors for smoother indoor-outdoor connectivity. They usually come in bigger sizes, equipped with thin frames, and often double up as room dividers. Use them to create a regal, dramatic entryway.

 Best of all, uPVC folding glass doors are highly energy-efficient solutions. They can fill up your space with ample light, facilitating brighter and cooler indoors. And at the same time, provide a sense of enlargement, making the space look more expansive.

Floor-to-Ceiling Design

 uPVC floor-to-ceiling glass doors are minimalistic yet striking fenestration options. Pair the doors with etched, lacquered, or stained glass to create buzz-worthy looks. You can choose from diverse shades as uPVC profiles can be powder coated easily.

Go for black, blue, or red colour frames to add a touch of drama. As bold hues have been immensely popular recently. Besides, you can use floor-to-ceiling doors to incorporate unobstructed outside views with the overall décor and create an unforgettable look.

 Sliding Door Design

In modern décor, few door designs can outperform sliding doors. Get uPVC sliding glass doors for space efficiency. Harness their premier form and function to create sleek, chic styles. At the same time, you can enjoy unobstructed outside views and let daylight to flood inside – to keep the indoors bright and the ambience brighter.

Besides, what makes uPVC doors so formidable is the host of benefits they offer, for both commercial and residential applications.

Get the uPVC Advantage 

Aside from premier aesthetics, uPVC glass doors also offer diverse advantages. From impressive durability, robustness to enhanced security, energy efficiency and more. In fact, uPVC shows high resilience to several physical factors.

Even excessive exposure to intense weather conditions does not wear them out. uPVC profiles do not rot, corrode, peel, or warp for decades on end. Moreover, by installing uPVC glass doors, you can score benefits like –

Unbeatable Functionality

Few fenestration profiles are as functional as uPVC, without compromising on the aesthetics. Get premium performance in varied aspects like insulation, security, durability, energy efficiency, and more. Yet, they are easy to maintain, requiring minimal to zero upkeep – saving you both time and money.

Superior Insulation 

Paired with appropriate glazing solutions, uPVC glass doors can provide superior insulation. You can keep your indoors cool in summers and warm in winters with relative ease. And yet, receive ample natural light to keep your ambience brighter. Also, uPVC doors can effectively block out outside noise, facilitating a quieter atmosphere indoors. 

Highly Durable

uPVC doors can easily resist physical elements, often lasting for over five decades with minimal upkeep. Incredibly sturdy and robust, they are highly resistant to dust, termites, corrosion, and all-weather conditions. Also, uPVC glass doors can protect against harmful UV rays, solar glare, smog, and pollution, thanks to their airtight systems and advanced glazing solutions.

Easy Maintenance 

uPVC glass doors require virtually zero upkeep. Even after decades of use, they do not lose their shine. In fact, uPVC profiles do not wear out, no matter how extreme the weather conditions are. They do not rot, peel, or warp. You only need to clean them using a cloth and soapy water. uPVC profiles will look anew without routine polishing or repainting. 

Your Turn 

No other fenestration profile makes a better first impression than uPVC. From premium aesthetics to multipurpose functionality, uPVC doors offer a myriad of advantages. Get superior insulation, energy efficiency, security, durability, and much more. Best of all, uPVC profiles are compatible with diverse designs, making them a go-to option for any décor style. 

To buy top-quality uPVC glass doors, knock on AIS Glasxperts’ door! Get best-in-class, diverse uPVC fenestration options for residential and commercial applications. Rely on our glass expertise to score premium, customisable uPVC glass doors to match your taste and décor needs.

For more information, reach out to us today!

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