Best Ways of Installing Aluminium Sliding Windows in your Home
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Unique Ways to Incorporate Aluminium Sliding Windows in Your Home

Aluminium Sliding Windows for Minimal Spaces

Posted Date: Nov 03, 2020

Aluminium Sliding Windows for Minimal Spaces

How often do you come across a fenestration material and design that is contemporary, tenacious yet light on the eyes? If not often, then you haven’t fixed your gaze at aluminium sliding windows. These windows are a super-solid, stylish and long-term investment.

Sliding window frames made from aluminium have certain well-known benefits, but various unsung advantages too need to come to light. To know whether these structures are the right fit for your home, check out the benefits aluminium sliding windows bring with them.

Unmatched Strength and Durability

It is easy for anyone to see that aluminium, albeit light, is a super-strong framing material with high durability quotient. Aluminium sliding windows stand guard against the worst of weather scenarios imaginable. Be it torrential downpours, thunderstorms, or dust storms, aluminium's durability will ensure you feel none of them.

What’s more, even after showing immense strength regardless of the weather conditions, aluminium sliding windows do not scratch, chip, crack, or bend. These windows are “fit and forget” for your home, and no other non-metallic fenestration material can quite match up to their strength.

Rot and Termite Free

Yes, even though aluminium is a metal, it stays entirely free from moisture-led rust. How? With all sorts of cutting-edge surface treatments available today, aluminium sliding windows retain their aesthetics and functionalities for years on end. Whether you live in a city with a maritime climate or in the North-east of India with torrential downpours, aluminium sliding windows keep looking spanking new.

The weather-proof nature of aluminium sliding windows brings you a tremendous return on investment. Moreover, aluminium is termite-resistant, so no fearing those little pesky bugs eating up your precious fenestrations down the lane of time. If you live in an area where termite infestation is not uncommon, aluminium sliding windows are the ideal choice.

Contemporary Aesthetics 

Modern homes want their windows to have more glass and less frame. Now, traditional window framing materials cannot go as far as aluminium can when it comes to thinning. With incredibly thinned-out framing, you will have more expansive windows. Also, aluminium sliding windows are symbolic of contemporary architecture.

These structures are easily powder-coated in a host of colours and finishes. If you have your heart set on colossal windows that promise plenty of natural light and fresh air, but you live right next to the sea, go for sliding wood-finish aluminium windows. Doing this will ensure that you don’t compromise on aesthetics for functionality.

High Thermal Performance

Why worry about thermal performance when you have heating and cooling devices waiting for just a flick of the switch to control the temperature of your home? It is never enough to purely rely on temperature controlling devices inside your residence to ensure thermal comfort. If you do, then your heating and cooling devices will always be under stress, and you will also raise your carbon footprint.

Aluminium sliding windows do not let cold conditioned air during the summer season and warm heated air during the winter season leak out of your house, thus ensuring thermal comfort at all times. No matter how big or small your aluminium sliding windows, the air leakage will be restricted all the same.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Whether you live in a bungalow or an apartment, damage done to the environment affects everyone in the same manner. But, what if you use a material that is both stunning and saves the planet? Aluminium frames, regardless of the coating on them, are 100% recyclable and reusable. Meaning, using aluminium sliding windows = doing an excellent service to the environment.

If your windows are getting old and tawdry, retrofit them with aluminium sliding windows rather than any other type. But, if you already have aluminium sliding windows and wish to get them replaced, know that your old windows frames will be recycled into other highly usable objects.

Require Low Maintenance

How about low to no maintenance! Aluminium sliding windows are wonder structures when it comes to caring for them. If you live next to a dusty street, use soapy water and rinse these windows clean once in a month or two. Remember, aluminium frames barely collect any dirt or grime and are ridiculously easy-to-clean.

If you live in a less dusty spot, wipe these structures with a soft damp cloth once a week and watch them shine up like new penny. Do not use any abrasive material or metal brush to scrub aluminium sliding windows clean, as this can damage their finish.

Incorporating Sliding Aluminium Windows into Your Home  

Now that you know about the myriad benefits of aluminium sliding windows, it is time to brainstorm where you can incorporate this chic structure into your home. Here are a few ideas that will surely suit your design sensibilities.

Bedroom Walls

Your bedroom is a place to ponder and rest. Retire after a hard day’s work in a room full of character brought out by aluminium sliding windows. Not only will these add oomph to your bedroom, but also a sense of openness. You can choose floor-to-ceiling aluminium sliding windows if there is a balcony attached to your bedroom. Doing this eliminates the need for a door to walk into the outside space. The case for aluminium sliding windows does not end here. Try aluminium sliding windows as doors for walk-in closets or regular wardrobes. If both these ideas are not to your liking, you can also go for simple, medium-length aluminium and glass bedroom windows.

Semi-Open Plan Kitchen

Know that aluminium sliding windows are not just striking to look at; they are also incredibly easy to operate. Opening and closing them is no task at all, and this is an immensely practical quality for your kitchen. In contemporary homes, open plan kitchens are relatively common. However, when the kitchen is in a mess, you would want to isolate it from the rest of the lounging area. And, long aluminium sliding windows with frosted glass can offer you a semi-open plan kitchen.

Shut the window that can also act as doors when you want to hide the mess, and leave it open when the kitchen is clean. You can also keep smoke out of your kitchen by leaving your aluminium sliding windows open.

Bathroom Windows

Since aluminium sliding windows are rot-free and can withstand a great deal of humidity and moisture, they are a great way to finish your bathroom. To protect privacy, combine these structures with smart or switchable glass or frosted glass. You can choose large-sized aluminium sliding windows and open them up for ventilating your bathroom, given how low airflow in such a room is typical.

Alternatively, suppose you have an unusually large bathroom, which you are looking to divide between the showering area and the rest of the space. In such a case, aluminium sliding partitions are a great option. Aluminium sliding window and even door frames are so nimble that you will not end up chipping paint off the humid walls of your bathroom even with rough usage.

Outdoor Gazebo

Only a lucky few have enough square footage in their home to have a proper outdoor seating and hosting space. If you are one of those few and are planning patio or gazebo décor, aluminium sliding windows are for you.

Design a glass gazebo complete with aluminium sliding windows and doors for incredible ventilation and panoramic vistas. By installing said windows, you can blur the distinction between outside and inside. If you have kids scuttling around, aluminium sliding windows and doors can also help you keep a watchful eye on them as they step out to play in the garden.

The Ball’s Now in Your Court

A design as simple and stylish as aluminium sliding windows is bound to appeal to you. But, before setting your heart on a colour or finish, it is critical to select a trustworthy service provider. And, who better to rely on than AIS Glasxperts – India’s leading glass lifestyle solutions provider. Why choose us? Because we understand that your home should make a personal statement. Our team of experts has a keen sense of design and a solid work ethic. We offer end-to-end services, from selection to installation to excellent after-sales support.

You can choose from a host of colours, finishes, dimensions, and glazing options for your aluminium sliding windows or any other design at AIS Glasxperts. Allow us to find you exactly what you are looking for.

To know more about our entire line of products and services, just get in touch with us already!

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