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Understanding the Features of Telescopic Door Glass 

Features of Telescopic Door Glass

Posted Date: May 31, 2024

Whether designing a new home or renovating an existing one, making the most of limited space is often a key consideration. Telescopic glass doors can be an ideal solution for this. With their ability to slide and compress into narrow pockets, they help conserve precious floor area without sacrificing natural light, views, or aesthetics.  

Read on to learn more about these versatile doors and how they can enhance your living space. 

What are Telescopic Doors Glass? 

Telescopic doors, also known as concertinas or accordion doors, comprise individual panels that slide on tracks mounted on the ceiling.  

When fully open, the glass panels slide inward and neatly stack on one or both sides of an opening. This design allows for a clear doorway without needing extra space for the doors to swing open.  

Telescopic doors are custom-made to fit different widths of openings, and special hardware enables the multiple panels to move smoothly back and forth. 

Critical Benefits of Telescopic Doors

1. Space Saving 

One of the biggest perks of telescopic doors is their space-saving capabilities. Since the glass panels slide to the side instead of swinging out, you don't have to allow arc clearance as you would with hinged doors.  

This makes them perfect for cramped hallways, small balconies, compact bedrooms, and other areas where square footage is at a premium. With telescopic doors, you can utilise corners and reclaim floor areas that might otherwise go wasted.  

2. Unaltered Views    

Another significant advantage of telescopic doors is that they provide open, unobstructed views of outdoor scenery or adjoining rooms. When opened fully, the individual glass panels tuck neatly out of sight rather than blocking parts of the view.  

This creates a standard indoor-outdoor transition and makes spaces appear more expansive. The transparency of the glass also allows sunlight to filter through unhindered, filling interior rooms with natural illumination. 

3. Aesthetic Versatility 

Telescopic glass doors infuse spaces with airiness, light, and a contemporary personality. Their clean, streamlined look blends beautifully with modern and traditional décor schemes.  

You also have plenty of choices when customising the final appearance of telescopic doors. For the frames, you can select powder-coated aluminium, hardwood, or steel in various colour finishes. Etched glass, frosted panels, and coloured tinting are some glass options. 

4. Improved Ventilation 

Telescopic doors promote enhanced airflow compared to many other door styles, thanks to their complete opening span. This makes them especially well-suited to spaces like kitchens and bathrooms that require good ventilation.  

The free circulation of fresh air helps keep interior environments comfortable, prevent moisture buildup, and purge odours or stuffiness. 

5. Year-Round Comfort  

Proper insulation in telescopic doors prevents unwanted heat gain or loss between indoors and outdoors throughout the year.  

Their airtight construction, when closed, coupled with double or even triple-glazed glass, keeps interiors cozy in winter and cooler in summer.  

This helps cut back on the usage and costs of artificial heating and cooling. Robust weatherstripping provides extra protection against dust and outside noise. 

Key Features of Telescopic Glass 

1. Dimensionally Stable  

Quality telescopic glass doors like GSW T-Sonic use structural silicone glazing (SSG) for excellent dimensional stability. The panels resist bending or sagging even at widths over 3.5 metres, retaining their precision functionality over years of use. 

2. Noise Insulation 

Advanced soundproofing technologies prevent outdoor noise from disturbing indoor environments. With sound insulation up to 45 decibels, homes and offices maintain a peaceful ambience despite being near traffic or public spaces. 

3. Thermal Insulation 

Double or triple-glazed glass with argon gas filling ensures adequate heat and cold insulation, resulting in energy savings of around 30%. Rooms maintain comfortable temperatures, reducing HVAC usage. Unique climate-control glass variants are also available. 

4. High Wind Resistance  

Innovative telescopic systems like T-Sonic can withstand wind speeds matching a Category 2 hurricane or cyclone. The doors withstand gusts exceeding 130 km/hr while remaining securely locked in place, preventing damage to property or harm to inhabitants.  

5. Smooth Performance 

Sophisticated rollers, drains, and guides provide over 50,000 smooth opening and closing motions. The doors glide open or close effortlessly at the touch of a button or gentle manual force. Auto-correction features align panels precisely after forceful winds. 

6. Environmental Sustainability 

From regional sourcing to efficient operations and recyclability, leading brands design telescopic doors that emphasise sustainability. Solar-power automation, LEED-standard glazing, and green production processes demonstrate ecological responsibility. 


Telescopic glass doors are gaining popularity among homeowners because they can fold or slide, look great, and save space. They are perfect for small rooms, making your living space look light and clean. These doors are made from solid glass and durable materials to last a long time with minimal upkeep. If you're short on space at home, telescopic doors can help you make the most of your rooms.  

Contact AIS Glasxperts for a door solution that meets your unique requirements while fitting within your budget. 

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