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Types of Shower Cubicles for Bathroom 

Types of Shower Cubicles for Bathroom

Posted Date: Jan 19, 2024

When designing or renovating your bathroom, selecting the right shower enclosure is one of the most important decisions. Shower cubicles can complement any bathroom aesthetic with various sizes, shapes, and styles available. Understanding the different types of shower cubicles will help you find the best option for your space and needs. 

Sleek Framed Shower Cubicles 

Sleek shower cubicles have thin metal frames surrounding the glass panels, usually made from aluminium or stainless steel. These frames are quite slender and minimal, almost disappearing and fading into the background. Nevertheless, they provide a structure and border around the clear glass shower walls. The frames give a sleek framed shower cubicle a light and airy aesthetic while still maintaining some partitioning and protection. 

The glass shower panels in a sleek framed cubicle are attached directly to the metal frames. This gives them an immaculate, integrated appearance. You can often barely notice the seam where the glass panels meet the metal framing. Overall, the combo of subtle framing plus clear glass gives a very open yet structured look. 

One of the significant benefits of sleek framed shower cubicles is affordability. Adding the metal frames makes this style more budget-friendly compared to frameless models. The framing also makes the installation process easier, as the structures provide an attachment guide for the glass and keep everything aligned. This allows for a smoother assembly. 

Additionally, the metal frames offer protection by bearing some of the impact in case something hits the glass walls. The glass would have to absorb all of the collision shock without frames. So, the frames add an element of resilience. This is handy if you have young children who might accidentally throw toys or other objects into the shower stall. 

Frameless Shower Cubicles 

As the name suggests, frameless shower cubicles have no metal frames surrounding or attaching to the glass panels. You simply have clear glass joined to more clear glass through discrete metal joints. This gives frameless showers an incredibly sleek, seamless look. 

Without any framing to obstruct or divide the space, frameless cubicles have unbroken sight lines, and you can see clearly through the clear glass from multiple angles. This adds to the modern, almost floating glass box effect. There is nothing to detract from the minimalist aesthetic. 

Any visible joints between the glass panels are also gone. The panels are connected by nearly invisible clamps or hinges made from metal. This complicates installation, as great care must be taken to join the heavy glass panels ideally. But the visual payoff is evident, with no noticeable transitions between the glass walls, floors, or doors. 

However, the lack of framework does come at a price; frameless shower cubicles have a higher price tag due to the custom glasswork and tricky assembly. The glass itself is fully exposed, so it takes all the impact in case of a collision, rather than having protective framing. Still, buyers are often willing to pay more for frameless shower models' contemporary charm and clarity. Their graceful style makes them a focal point of modern bathroom designs. 


The choices in bathroom cubicle style, size, and design are plentiful. With an array of configuration options, finding the perfect enclosure to match your bathroom vision is easy. Evaluate your space considerations, functionality needs, and style preferences to decide on the best shower cubicle setup for your home. Upgrade your bathroom with the AIS Glasxperts shower cubicle today! 

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