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Types of Glass for Luxury Homes

Posted Date: Dec 03, 2020

So, your luxury home features luxury components such as custom-made limited-edition furniture pieces, velvet upholstery, one-of-its-kind wallpapering inspired by the Victorian era, life-size eclectic vanity mirrors, and more; however, are the fenestrations exuding luxury and grandeur that is at par with the rest of your luxe abode?

Well, by this, we don't simply mean the aesthetics, though that constitutes a considerable aspect of it, your luxe abode should be high on the functional front as well, and that includes the doors and windows. One way to always maintain that opulent feel is to have luxury glass installed, an umbrella term for different ranges of innovative glass solutions that can elevate your space from luxe to ultra-luxe. Let’s find out how.


For Creating a Holistic and Safe Zone

So, you’ve incorporated grab-rails within the bathroom, replaced all loose rugs with anti-skid microfiber ones, installed well-padded headboards for optimal comfort, and adorned your home with adequate lighting to keep all mishaps at bay. Well, having worked so hard to make safety an everyday experience ‘within’ your home, would you then compromise on safety from notorious burglars and unwanted intruders looking for the opportune time to break in? We hope not!

To fortify your splendid and vast palace the right way, robust and impact-resistant safety luxury glass solutions are available – tempered glass and laminated glass. By having these premiere solutions installed in your home's fenestrations, you can keep intruders at bay, especially since these glasses are four to five times stronger than normal annealed glass. And what's more, in case one of your kids’ playtime happens to be the reason for the glass shattering, nobody gets hurt given the fact that the former breaks into blunt, cube-like pieces while the latter doesn’t shatter at all!


When You Want the Coverage but Fear the Ruffles

Perhaps your luxury home is not such that you can practically touch your neighbour’s terrace on the other side of the street; however, cosmopolitan life invades your privacy enough. You do not need prying eyes monitoring you within the four walls of your safe haven. Then arises the problem of having heavy-maintenance curtains installed that take away from the joy of observing that glorious cityscape or privacy screens that may fail to mitigate the area’s sometimes strong winds but still remain standing.

So, where do you find the balance? Exclusive luxury glass solutions created for privacy! The best part about installing such glass solutions is that you can see through them while those on the other end can’t. So, whether you’re opting for frosted or tinted glass or on-demand privacy solutions such as smart or switchable glass, you can rest assured of optimal natural light along with much-needed privacy, of course!


For Pacifying Your Eco-Conscious Conscience

It’s all over the news now – scientists have clearly warned the world of the Doomsday clock ticking speedily. Considering the fact that the earth is not an inheritance from our ancestors but something we borrow from our children, we have done a pretty poor job of preserving it. Thankfully, more and more people are waking up to this ugly truth – becoming eco-conscious consumers.

As such, reducing energy consumption is a major aspect of Green and sustainable architecture. You can also join this eco-living journey with the choice of materials for your luxurious abode. Energy-efficient or low-E luxury glass solutions are exclusively designed to reflect away the sun's heat rays during summers and trap those precious streaks from escaping your dwelling during the winter months. Thus, you can cut down on your energy consumption and bills significantly by ensuring ideal indoor temperatures round-the-year.


To Reduce All the Racket and Finally Sleep Well

Are you also among those who have just gotten “used to” sleeping with the cacophonous backdrop music of automobiles honking, passers-by chattering, garbage trucks clanking, and neighbours partying in full mode? If yes, then it’s time for a big change. If even thinking of bed-time scares you, you’re doing it the wrong way! Your sure ticket to Slumberland is here – luxury glass solutions designed for noise-cancellation.

With such premium solutions, you can wave goodbye to those ineffective blackout curtain liners, “soundproof” rug pads, and other sound absorbers you may have relied upon so far – noise-reduction or soundproof luxury glass is all you need for your doors and windows to finally be able to sleep well.


Ready to adorn your home with that perfect luxury glass solution? Get in touch with AIS Glasxperts – a Strategic Business Unit of Asahi India Glass Limited – India's largest integrated glass manufacturer. We offer a wide range of specialised glass solutions to suit your diverse functional requirements and aesthetic sensibilities, including privacy, safety, energy-efficiency, or acoustic comfort. Using the right luxury glass solution, you can truly take the grandeur of your home to the ultimate level. And what's more, our experts will offer you 360-degree support, right from the initial stage of product selection up until its installation, and even post-installation services. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to avail yourself of our end-to-end glass solutions!

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