Toughened Glass Windows - Uses, Applications & Maintenance
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Toughened Glass Windows: Usage, Applications, and Maintenance

All About Toughened Glass Windows

Posted Date: Mar 05, 2020

All About Toughened Glass Windows

Due to its aesthetics and flexibility, glass has become an essential material in all modern architecture. Glass windows and doors have become a go-to décor choice for most homeowners. But, where matters of safety and security are concerned, normal glass fails to deliver the desirable. Not only is it fragile and yields to external impact but it even breaks into sharp shards that are an additional safety hazard.

Thankfully, modern-day innovative glass solutions have the answer to this problem – toughened glass. Owing to its increased strength and impact-resistance, toughened glass windows are the ideal choice for purposes of safety and security.

But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let us find out in details the world of benefits toughened glass windows have to offer and more.


Benefits of Toughened Glass Windows

Toughened glass windows offer the following benefits -

Enhanced Safety

Normal glass windows, when subjected to heavy impact, will break into jagged shards and can cause injuries. But when toughened glass windows come in contact with harsh impact, the toughened glass breaks into harmless, blunt, pebble-like pieces, significantly reducing the risk of injuries. Moreover, these chunks can also be easily cleaned with a broom without the fear of any sharp shard injuring anyone.


Normal glass can easily crack when they are exposed to high temperatures. Installing normal windows thus is not an efficient choice especially if you live in areas that experience high temperatures throughout the year. Toughened glass, on the other hand, has an excellent heat-withstanding capacity and is not prone to thermal breakage which is why they turn out to be excellent materials for windows.

Increased Security

Toughened glass is said to be four to five times stronger than annealed glass. Its strength and highly durable nature can provide you with added security from external disturbances. As a result, toughened glass windows will not easily give in in case of an impact and cannot be broken in by burglars, rendering much-needed security.


Maintenance of Toughened Glass Windows

Although stronger than normal glass, toughened glass windows are still affected by dirt and grime, thus it is necessary to take care of the glass to keep it spick and span. To clean your toughened glass windows, use a non-abrasive dishwashing detergent mixed with water. If you are using cleaning solutions then you should check if they are safe for toughened glass cleaning or not. Spray the soap-water mixture onto the glass surface and allow it to penetrate the dirt present and then use a sponge to clean it off. To restore the shine, you can buff the glass with a soft cloth.

While cleaning, you should make sure that the dirt particles are removed gently so that your glass does not develop any scratches. You should only use cleaning materials that are free of grit and are not rough to avoid scratching or markings on the surface. Make sure to avoid unnecessary scrubbing. If you don’t pay proper attention then the dust particles or debris will be dragged onto the toughened glass’ surface. You should refrain from using scouring pads or vinegar on your toughened glass windows. They are too abrasive and can cause damage to the glass surface.


Applications of Toughened Glass Windows

Due to their capacity to handle high temperature, their strength, and their unique ability to shatter into blunt pieces, toughened glass is the perfect material for windows. Along with traditional windows, toughened glass can be installed in floor-length windows in your homes or offices, without any worry of injuries from an accidental impact. As toughened glass has increased heat resistance, toughened glass windows can also be used in kitchens. If you want to install glass-to-glass windows in your property for a panoramic view of the exteriors, toughened glass is the ideal option. Toughened glass windows can provide optimum security and safety while offering you an unrestricted outside view. Toughened glass windows can make your rooms feel much more spacious and lighter. If you desire additional features such as privacy or acoustic insulation then you can go for frosted or soundproof toughened glass for your windows.

Apart from windows, toughened glass can also be used as skylights, doors, room dividers, facades, wardrobes, shower doors, table-tops and stairways, to name a few.

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