Tips to Protect Your Shower Enclosure from Hard Water Stains
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Tips to Protect Your Shower Enclosure from Hard Water Stains

Tips to Protect Shower Enclosure from Hard Water Stains

Posted Date: Feb 15, 2020

Shower Enclosure Protection

Our homes are a reflection of our personality. Be it chic and modern, rustic and elegant or minimalistic and futuristic; we always incorporate elements of our personality into our homes to build an emotional connection with our belongings. Our homes are a private space, and we tend to design every room with utmost care and precision. Be it the choice of mattresses for the bedroom, the colour of the couch in the living room, or even the quality of wood for the dining table; you handpick every item carefully, so why should your bathrooms be left behind?

A bathroom is a highly private space, and so is the showering experience. It is the first place you to go in the morning and after a long day at work, to wash all your worries away. It seems like there are mainly two kinds of people in the world – those who prefer taking a bath and those who prefer taking a shower. Well, though the comfort and appeal of a perfectly drawn bath cannot be denied, equally undebatable is the ability of a modern shower enclosure to take the daily cleansing process to a whole new level.

Glass Shower Enclosures: For a Truly Spa-Worthy Experience

While the flooring, tiles, and décor items can enliven your bathroom's interiors, your shower is the only space where you genuinely feel the luxuriousness of your bathroom. Hence, it is crucial to create the perfect showering area and what better way than glass shower enclosures to elevate the class and make a splash in your bathroom.

Glass is truly a versatile item that has won hearts with its endless applications. Treated and processed multiple times to achieve its unique properties, modern glass has become a staple material in creating beautiful architectural spaces that rank high in terms of both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Moreover, glass is 100% sustainable, non-toxic, and recyclable and, therefore, the top choice for environmentally-conscious designers and architects who wish to incorporate such elements into their projects that help in environmental conservation. And since glass is super versatile, you can customise it to get the desired shape, colour, design, pattern, and more.

Advantages of Glass Shower Enclosures

As you can see, glass shower enclosures India are the epitome of versatility and can make you feel like royalty every time you take a shower. But if you still need more convincing, check out the fantastic benefits that they offer -

Extreme Durability

Shower enclosures India made of glass are specially treated with new techniques to be extremely durable and to withstand high amounts of pressure. Genuine manufacturers only use high-grade tempered glass in constructing shower cubicles. This not only gives off the vibe of luxury but also ensures safety and durability as tempered glass is not only tough to break but is harmless even on the rare occasion of breakage.


While some love to take cold showers to wake themselves up in the morning, nothing beats the joy of bathing in hot water and melting away all the stress. Hot water baths become not just desirable but imperative during winters. However, certain types of glass do not qualify to be subjected to high temperatures and may even shatter under pressure. But modern glass is treated to be durable and to also endure varying heat levels without getting damaged. This makes glass shower enclosures completely safe.

Maximum Hygiene

Traditional shower curtains are porous and hence, a breeding ground for mildew, mould, and harmful bacteria. A humid space like a bathroom is a feast for such organisms and therefore, to ensure maximum hygiene, it is imperative to make a switch-over to glass shower enclosures India. Glass is exceptionally resistant to mildew since it is non-porous and is available in variants such as frosted glass that will help you enjoy the privacy that you desire.

Easy Access

Glass shower enclosures India are the safe and ideal option for the elderly and those with arthritis or other disabilities. Where traditional bath-tubs make it extremely difficult for such individuals to step in and out of them, thereby aggravating their pain and mobility issues, curb-less glass shower enclosures, on the other hand, provide easy access to the shower.

No VOC Emissions

Did you know that vinyl shower curtains can emit VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds for at least a month after they’ve been taken out of their packages? Well, you can forget about toxins polluting your home once you get glass shower enclosures installed. As a matter of fact, glass shower enclosures India completely eliminate the need for any kind of shower curtains, sparing you the hassles of maintenance as well.

Multitude of Options

Glass shower enclosures India are available in a wide variety of decorative as well as functional glass designs to help you experience the best of both worlds. You can have your desired choice of glass shower enclosure installed based on four different categories – Door Type, Frame Style, Glass Type, and Curb Style. Depending on the door type, glass shower enclosures are available in two main design options – sliding or swinging where sliding doors are ideal for smaller bathroom spaces and swinging for the larger ones. Based on the glass type, you can either choose clear and non-textured glass or frosted glass that offers privacy and textured glass that enhances the aesthetics. Both frameless and metal-framed glass shower enclosures India are available. Similarly, both curb-less and curbed glass shower enclosures designs can be found.

So, if you’re looking for shower enclosures India for an enriched lifestyle, head over to AIS Glasxperts and avail our expert consultation services. We offer guidance right from the selection up until the final installation, including post-installation services for guaranteed satisfaction and enhanced interiors. So, what are you waiting for? Avail of our 360-degree glass solutions today!

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