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Tips to Choose Glass Window that Reflect Your Home’s Style

Why Wooden Windows & Frames

Posted Date: Nov 04, 2020

Tips to Choose Glass Window

Are you quite literally going “window shopping?” If yes, then what parameters are you keeping in mind? Gone are the days when the fenestration in your home was purely functional, and just a way to install glass. Today, homeowners want all sorts of qualities in their windows – from aesthetics to performance to insulation, the list is, indeed, long. And why not! With modern advancements in fenestration technologies, your glass window is not what it used to be.

So, before choosing new or replacement windows, ponder on the parameters listed below to figure out how to select glass windows that genuinely reflect your home’s style.

Tip #1 Be Real with the Material

Of course, windows are mostly glass, but the framing material is just as critical. It is ultimately the frame of your window that has to blend with the décor and not the other way around. For instance, you may wax lyrical over ornate, partially-carved wooden windows with Victorian or Georgian charm. But, if you have chosen a contemporary and chic vibe for your digs, then a vintage style wooden window will look out of place.

Glass windows come with a host of framing materials these days. You can select from aluminium, uPVC, and wood framing materials. For instance, aluminium glass windows are an excellent choice if you have minimalistic interiors. If you live in a city with a maritime climate, uPVC windows are an absolute delight. Not only do they come in a deluge of colours and finish, but they can also easily withstand heaps of moisture and other harsh environmental conditions for years on end.

Tip#2 Choose Style with Beguile

Remember that form follows function. If you choose a glass window that correctly serves the function at a given spot in your home, it will automatically look great. For instance, a fixed or a picture window inside the kitchen, no matter how sleek it is, will look out of place. Kitchen windows need to firstly be operable and, secondly, offer enough space for smoke to pass out and fresh air to fly inside.

Therefore, classic casements would be an excellent choice for such a place in the house. Glass windows come in a host of designs. If you live in a cold area or are surrounded by mountains or deep greens, a picture window is your best bet. However, a house with a sea view needs a window that not only ushers in outside vistas but can also be opened. So, in this case, going with French windows would do the trick.

Tip#3 Placing with Right Glazing

Once you have chosen the right framing material and window style, it is now time to zero-in on the type of glass you need and in how many layers. Nowadays, homeowners can procure glass panes depending on the kind of mood they wish to set in a room. For instance, if you want privacy without compromising on natural light, go for frosted or smart glass. If you want quiet, go for soundproof glass  windows. Want optimal thermal comfort without solar glare? Choose energy-efficient or insulated glass. The options with glazing today are remarkable. If you want super-tight safety and security, go for toughened or laminated safety glass windows.

Tip#4 Work with an Expert

Do not place your faith in a glass and fenestration company with less-than-stellar results. However, it is surprisingly easy to fall prey to inadequate glass window service providers. How can you find the right expert? Start by tapping into your word-of-mouth network, meaning ask your friends, colleagues, or family members who recently got glass window work done. Go online and read buyer reviews. You will be surprised by how many of them are honest. Shortlist a few names that you get from your network and off the internet.

Give the fenestration companies a call and ask them the designs and materials they work with. Figure out the kind of warranty they offer on workmanship, which should be over and above the material warranty. Lastly, ask them if you can view a property they have recently finished work on. If they have, then visit that site if possible and figure out the craftsmanship quality of the said expert.

Over to You

You can never go wrong with your glass window selection as long as you follow the four tips mentioned above. Are you looking for a glass expert with decades of experience in fenestration? If yes, then turn to AIS Glasxperts – India’s leading glass lifestyle solutions provider. We offer a universe of specialised glass solutions for all your ambitious architectural projects. Our squad of professionals is fully equipped to provide you with end-to-end services along with a quicker-than-ever turn-around time.

So, don’t wait before it’s too late; get in touch with us today!

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