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Tips for Maintenance & Cleaning of Glass Flooring 

Tips for Maintenance & Cleaning of Glass Flooring

Posted Date: Oct 18, 2023

Flooring has a crucial role to play in the overall appearance of your home. Modern homeowners are settling for glass flooring because of its sophisticated style and chic elegance. However, it is advised to clean it occasionally to preserve its eloquence for a longer period of time. 

That’s why knowing how to properly care for your glass flooring is crucial. Dive deeper to learn some valuable tips to clean and maintain your glass flooring.  

A Feather Duster Is a Blessing in Disguise 

If you invest in glass flooring, you must keep a feather duster in your home. It is the best tool you need to clean your glass floor every day. It can easily remove any thin layer of dust that has accumulated on the surface of your glass flooring. Moreover, a feather duster will ensure you don’t scratch the glass. 

Abrasive Substances Are the Arch-Nemesis of Glass Flooring 

When you need to go beyond light daily cleaning, abrasive materials are usually the top choice. But you should always avoid using abrasive substances or harsh chemicals to clean your glass flooring. You should go for gentle, lint-free towels while wiping glass tiles.  

Never use coarse paper towels to wipe your glass floor. When it comes to cleaning solutions, steer clear of anything that includes ammonia.   

Anti-Scratch Is Your Best Match 

If you want to keep your glass floor unharmed for years, you ought to invest in anti-scratch materials. It will ensure that your glass floor is safe from daily wear and tear. You will be able to move around your furniture easily without worrying about leaving a scratch mark. Moreover, you can avoid worrying about your pets scratching their nails or your kids running their favorite toy car on the glass surface.  

Don't be Hasty or Alarmed 

You might end up spilling a little red wine on your glass floor now and then. When that happens, the first thing to remember is not to panic. Since glass is non-porous, you don’t have to be too cautious about stains. One major advantage of glass flooring is that even notorious offenders like red wine can’t leave behind a stain. You only need to ensure that the spills don’t reach materials or areas that can stain easily.  

Get Your Technique Right 

Knowing the right technique for cleaning your glass floor is crucial for its durability. Spray the cleaning solution onto a mop and not the glass surface. Gently dab the cloth on the glass surface to take care of dirt, spills, and grime. In the case of stubborn marks, apply a circulation motion to clean them.  

Wrapping up 

Now that you know how to take care of your glass floor and enhance its durability, don’t shy away from opting for it. Give your home a new look with AIS Glasxperts glass flooring and awestruck every visitor. Check out our collection today!  


  1. Is glass flooring too difficult to clean?
  2. One major advantage of choosing glass flooring for your home is hassle-free maintenance. You can eliminate dust and dirt from your glass floor surface with a simple feather duster. A gentle cleaning solution or soapy water is enough for more thorough cleaning. 

  3. Do stains appear easily on glass flooring?
  4. Since glass is a non-porous material, it doesn’t get stained easily. Simply wiping off a spill will ensure you don’t leave behind any stains. 

  5. What is a homemade solution for cleaning glass?
  6. A mixture of water and vinegar is perfect for cleaning your glass floor. Spray the homemade solution on the floor and wipe it off after 10 minutes to get a squeaky-clean glass surface. 

  7. Can I choose a paper towel to wipe off my glass floor?
  8. It is best to avoid using a paper towel for cleaning your glass floor. Instead, you should use a gentle, lint-free mop. 

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