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Time to Say Goodbye to Air Pollution

Goodbye to Air Pollution

The drastic rise in air pollution in this country is a serious threat to our health. The emission of harmful gases and pollutants in the environment is increasing day by day due to the overuse and exploitation of natural resources. Gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide cause serious health issues like vomiting, nausea and even heart diseases.

Goodbye to Air Pollution

Unfortunately, the threat is not limited to outdoors. Smog and other pollutants enter our house through door and window gaps even when they are closed. To prevent these pollutants from entering our house, all you need to do is install Glasxperts air-tight Anti-Pollution Smog-Resistant Double Glazed Windows owing to the following reasons:-

Zero air-gaps

Most traditional doors and windows that are installed in our house have air-gaps that allow the pollutants to enter even when they are closed. In a city like Delhi, where the pollution level has reached new heights, this can lead to severe health problems, especially for toddlers. Premier window service providers like GlasXperts have a dedicated team of engineers who checks for gaps in windows and doors after installation. This helps to ensure that no air gaps exist that may allow the harmful pollutants to enter the house.

Advanced Sealing Technology

In most cases, after the installation of windows, many gaps exist in between the frame and wall. These gaps are not easily visible to the naked eye and allow the pollutants to enter. To avoid health issues from these pollutants, sealing those gaps completely is necessary. Premiere service providers use high-quality gaskets and joints to seal the gaps and prevent the pollutants from entering indoors.

Locking system

Many widows do not lock properly that results in minor gaps in between the sashes and frame. The gaps allow pollutants to enter the house and create a toxic environment indoors. Harmful gases like chlorofluorocarbons and carbon monoxide cause serious health disorders, especially to children, which is why experts recommend installing advanced multi-locking uPVC window designs that hold the sashes very tightly and do not allow air to pass.

Double Glazing windows

Double glazed glass windows offer multiple benefits like soundproofing, heat resistance and high durability. These windows are comprised of two window glass panes that are either separated by vacuum or an inert gas. These fixtures are available with an advanced sealing mechanism that makes them gap proof and prevents pollutants from entering the house.

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