Top 3 Reasons to Employ Glass in your Staircase Design
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Three Reasons to Use Glass in Your New Staircase Design

Posted Date: Oct 17, 2020

Nowadays, there is little that glass can't do. From taking care of your performance to safety to aesthetic needs for both private and commercial spaces, glass is doing it all. Installing glass-fitted furnishings in a room is a symbol of modernity and elegance, and what better way to accentuate that effect than by using a glass staircase design?

For people with storeyed houses and offices, having an indoor staircase is a must. Using glass for the same can transform your aesthetics and set your space apart from others. Glass staircases are functional, robust and add a stunning element of design. These structures are a classic way of modernising your interiors while keeping them minimal and airy at the same time.

Glass staircase designs are incredibly elegant. Owing to their transparency, they create the effect of natural openness. If you are looking to renovate your interiors, then adding a glass staircase will transform your space for the better and make it a point of awe for every visitor. Here are three reasons why you should employ glass in your staircase design.

 Customisable Design for Every Need

Contemporary interior design is all about negative space and minimal design. Glass is perfectly suited for the modern interior as it can easily be combined with oak or stainless steel installations that create the most modern-looking stairwell. In fact, well-lit and oriented glass staircases can serve as an artistic addition to your personal or professional space.

Glass staircases come in a plethora of patterns, designs and orientations, some of which are mentioned below.

Helical Twist

A helical glass staircase design instantly accentuates the look of your home or office interiors, while saving on space. It is an efficient yet artistic design that looks best with a glass balustrade. The glass steps can be fitted with wooden panels to enhance the look. However, keep in mind that the winding steps can be dangerous in homes with young children or professional spaces like clinics.

All-Glass Staircase

 Such staircases are entirely made up of glass with no steel or wooden attachments. Strong structural glass is used to ensure maximum strength. Such staircases can be enhanced by LED fittings that work astonishingly well and turn the stairs into nothing less than art.

L-Shaped Staircase

These are the most common types of staircases as they feel quick to navigate and also take up less space. They are easy to maintain owing to their uncomplicated shape. L-shaped glass staircases are a classic and foolproof, suitable for both personal and professional interiors.

Minimal Space Blockage

The property of letting in natural light and creating the illusion of a clutter-free, open space is common in all transparent glasses. Indeed, it is their most significant selling point. Glass staircases not only enhance the elegance and fluidity of the interiors but also take up less space than bulky wooden staircases, for example.

Glass stairwells allow natural light to filter in which creates a brightly illuminated area and forms exciting patterns and reflections that are a tad subdued but not without an element of fun. This causes minimal obstruction in the open space while retaining the functionality of the staircase.

These structures also carry helical or twisted staircase designs with much less artificiality, as glass has the quality of appearing sleek and fluid. Thus, even from an architectural point of view, glass is more suited for staircases of different shapes.

 Easy Maintenance

Glass is a material which is the easiest to maintain by far. All you need is a soft cloth and a good quality mild cleaning agent to wipe away dust and spots. Regular cleaning keeps the glass looking fresh, shiny and enhances its transparency. The most significant advantage of having a glass staircase or glass balustrades is that they do not age like other materials and can last very long without needing a replacement.

Most people go for transparent glass staircase designs as these can be installed without making any additional changes to your décor and furnishings. It easily adapts to any colour block, pattern or material used in the rest of your furnishings. Moreover, glass staircases can be modified depending on your particular style or preferences. If the room is following a colour theme, then you can get tinted glass balustrades or steps to match with the theme and tone of a room.

To Sum Up

A glass staircase is a unique design element that is both aesthetic and practical. These staircases are more durable and long-lasting than wooden staircases and more comfortable to maintain.

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