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Things to Look for When Buying Aluminium Sliding Doors

Posted Date: Feb 10, 2020

Having been a staple of traditional architecture, sliding doors have become a sensational hit in modern architecture with the most intrepid of interior designers and decorators favouring them. After all, they are at once utilitarian and aesthetically appealing, maximising casual ease of any space, be it the interiors or the exteriors. And among sliding doors, aluminium sliding doors are emerging as a personal favourite of designers and homeowners alike. Let’s find out why.

Why Aluminium is the Best Choice?


Aluminium ranks pretty high on the durability quotient. Due to its corrosion-resistant property, it does not rust. It is highly weather-resistant and can handle harsh weather conditions. Aluminium doors and windows ensure a longer product life as they do not rust, flake or peel. They can retain their performance and aesthetics throughout their lifetime which means that they will continue to give you good return on your investment.

Thermal Insulation

Aluminium doors provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. As efficient insulators, they make sure that the interiors of your house stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Aluminium sliding doors are often fitted with composite gaskets which along with providing thermal insulation also act as weather and sound barriers.


Choosing aluminium for your home or office also is an environmentally-conscious decision as aluminium has the reputation of being an environmentally-sustainable material. It has a low carbon footprint and has one of the highest recycling rates when compared with any other metal. This means that if you ever want to replace your older aluminium sliding doors, you can easily recycle them.

Why You Should Choose Aluminium Sliding Doors?

Aluminium sliding doors have quickly become a part of many contemporary homes. This is because they provide multiple aesthetic and functional benefits.  One of the top reasons behind their success in the market is their design. These sliding doors have an efficient design which includes slim frames. The track and the wheels ensure a smooth gliding operation which makes these doors very easy to operate. The sliding operation of these doors allows you more space to decorate your interiors and enables you to position your furniture the way you want. The sleek look of aluminium sliding doors adds a modern touch to your living space.

Here are the benefits of installing aluminium sliding doors -


One of the biggest advantages of installing aluminium sliding doors is that the large panes of glass allow ample amount of natural light to enter during the day. With glass panes that run from the top to the bottom of each door panel, there is no need for you to turn on any lights in the house during the day. The design of aluminium sliding doors ensures that you get to enjoy naturally lit interiors throughout the year. Moreover, by transforming your home into an energy-saving zone, aluminium sliding doors help you reduce your monthly utility bills.


Aluminium sliding doors help you create an energy-saving zone not just by reducing the need for artificial lighting but by installing low-E or low-emissivity glass panes in your sliding doors, you can experience the perks of a 360-degree energy-efficiency solution. Low-E glass is a double-glazed glass unit that reflects the sun’s intense heat away during the summers and traps in the interior heat in winters, thereby letting you enjoy ideal indoor temperatures throughout the year. Moreover, you will also stay protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This in turn will help you save significantly on energy bills.

Better Air Circulation

An aluminium sliding door does wonders for the airflow and air circulation in your house. If your house has only a few small windows then the air circulation might not be up to the mark. But a sliding door can easily let in air which will not only keep your interiors cool but will also eliminate stuffiness and improve the indoor air quality.

Space Maximisation

As aluminium sliding doors glide along a track and one glass pane easily slides over the other, they help you in saving space. Along with this, they are easy to open and can let you have a seamless transition between the interior of your house and the exterior such as the garden or backyard. As they slide open instead of swinging open like hinged doors, there is no extra space required around the doorway. If your home has limited space then choosing aluminium sliding doors is the perfect solution.

Bringing in the Outdoors

By installing aluminium sliding doors to your home, you will make the outside environment a part of your home and your life. Whether it’s your cityscape or your beautiful garden, you will have a view throughout the year. Moreover, this feature becomes particularly beneficial for parents as they can keep an eye on their children while they play outside.

Are Aluminium Sliding Doors Aesthetically Pleasing?

Endless arrays of design customisations are possible with aluminium sliding doors. Aluminium doors and windows come with a powder coat finishing. From charcoal grey to a metallic finish, the powder coating has a wide range of colours from which you can choose. This wide range of finishing ensures that you will find the perfect match that goes with the décor of your house. And since aluminium frames are sturdy without being bulky, they add a modern look to the interiors and effortlessly compliment different architectural styles, be it rustic, colonial, minimalistic, futuristic, or any other style. The addition of aluminium sliding doors makes your home look beautiful and elegant without being overwhelming. 

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