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The Trend of Shopping Malls Going with Glass Solutions

What is the major factor that drives you into a mall? The décor and styling plays a major role when it comes to increasing the popularity of a mall or a major retail establishment. Today, a majority of malls and retail chains use glass solutions for décor and aesthetic value. The reason being, glass adds an extra layer of elegance and style to the overall setting of the establishment. Today it is very common to find a glass sliding door at a mall’s front door. Automatic sliding doors bring an advanced appeal to the mall’s setting and look aesthetically appealing at the same time.

Stylish Glass Solutions Style up the Retail Space

Today, there are a number of solutions in glass that can fit the atmosphere of the mall. The mall owners can select from colourful aesthetic solutions to strong and durable security solutions. While there are conventional solutions available in doors, windows and facades. Glass makes the interiors and exteriors appealing while giving a chance to think beyond concrete and plywood. These glass solutions add luxurious appeal to the retail space. You can choose from a myriad of solutions that give an absolute different look to the mall’s setting.

The usability of glass solutions can range from huge exterior façade to colourful partitions that bring a stylish atmosphere to the interiors. These solutions can be installed in any area of the mall. The mundane and boring roofs can be replaced with stylish and elegant skylights and create a premium atmosphere at your mall. With a unique solutions like skylight that opens the rooftop with a glass window and brings the natural lighting inside, your visitors will feel the different compared at your establishment compared to other mall. During the night, they can dine under the stars. Skylights are manufactured using strong and durable solutions that don’t shatter due to pressure or impact. An open ended skylight takes the malls style to a whole new level.

Toughened laminated glass solutions are few of the ideal choices for commercial spaces when you are looking for innovative ideas but do not want to compromise with safety and security. These solutions beautify the interiors with resilient construction. Strong glass solutions are manufactured using special process that makes it resilient than the normal glass. It can withstand temperature up to 250 degrees and doesn’t shatter into tiny sharp pieces upon breakage. Instead, these solutions break into granules that doesn’t harm anyone. Toughened glass solutions are perfect to provide safety to children. These glass solutions look aesthetically pleasant and also can be customized at according to the requirement of the space.

Elegant Skylights at Malls

One of the most primary requirements of a retail space is to make their establishment theft and burglar proof. Solutions like glass spider fitting are more impact resistant and lower the risk of breakage due to an external force. This special range of glass solution comes with increased durability and is a distortion free & heat strengthened solution with greater stability. It is long lasting, heat strengthened glass which eliminates the need for grills and shutters and reduces external noise for better acoustic performance.

Apart from malls, glass is also perfect for many other spaces. These spaces require security and acoustic presence for different reasons. Glass is just a better solution compared to other materials because it brings décor and style with the said qualities. Some of the other spaces where glass can add an extra layer of charm and comfort are -

Hospitals and Clinics – A healthcare space requires a positive appeal to keep the patients and visitors feel like home. With glass one can achieve modern décor while at the same time make the atmosphere pleasant.

Residential Space – Décor, acoustics and security are a few of the important requirements of a residential space. After a tiring day, we all like to spend some time in peace while a pleasant décor brings positivity inside. Old people and children don’t like to spend their time at while noise from exteriors is disturbing their peace. Glass as a solution, brings décor to the interiors, adds a feel of luxury and at the same time protects the interiors against noise and burglary.

Hospitality Industry – The most important factor that makes a hospitality industry trendy is the décor and style. Glass adds a luxurious appeal to the atmosphere of the hotel rooms giving a high end premium appeal to the interiors.

With glass you can build a world of elegance and décor to the malls and other spaces. With advanced manufacturing process, glass has become something much more than just a décor solution.

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