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Stylish Ideas For Premium Villas

The advancement of modern technology has led to the creation of highly efficient and improved form of glass known as smart glass. This cutting-edge glass solution combines beauty with feasibility. Innovative glass solutions are the newest way to add glamour and elegance to everyday homes and premium villas. Smart glass is a great alternative that maintains aesthetics along with functionality.

modern glass solutions by glassxperts

Elegant glass solutions

Scientific advancement and modern innovations gave rise to a wide range of glass solutions. For instance, you can add smart glass solution to your interior glass doors or windows for a sleek look. This glass solution changes from clear to translucent with a touch of a button, offering absolute privacy. You can also create a stunning persona for your lavish living room by incorporating glass with integrated blinds, available in Venetian, roller and pleated for your balcony glass design or windows. This glass solution is 100% water and dust proof, and requires zero maintenance.

Smart Glass Solutions by Glasxperts

Durable glass solutions

Glass shower cubicles by Glasxperts

Amp up your game with designer glass solutions.It is one of the hottest trends in interior designing and has the capability to capture attention with its modish and sleek design. For instance, strong glass solutions for glass staircase design are produced using Sentry PVB glass which is impossible to shatter or break. One can also opt for crackled glass solution used in partition and back walls that enhance mood and aesthetics. The shower cubicle is another feature in homes that is creating its own space in the interior designing industry. Now, you can opt for tempered glass and heat soaked glass that are well-built and highly sturdy.

Customized glass solutions

Glass solutions are sturdy and durable, but they also come with the quality of being adapted into a number of different products. Today, you can use the advantage of its strength for skylights and glass floorings. Modern skylights are not only limited to malls and large commercial spaces. You can install a beautiful skylight over your bedroom or living room, giving an ultra-modern look to your space. The same is with glass floorings, these glass tiles are strong enough to replace the boring and dull looking concrete. Further additions include glass staircases, facades and sliding doors and windows.

Strong Glass Solutions by Glasxperts

These strong glass solutions for your villa can be easily installed. It is perfectly suited for partitions, doors, fitting rooms, powder rooms, living rooms and more. The coloured and lacquered, laminated glass defines class with safety and sturdiness of the material. Now, enhance the interiors of your abode with technologically smart glass solution.

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