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Staircase Glass Railing Designs for Your Home

Posted Date: Jun 07, 2020

Sure, staircases are a purely utility-driven contraption, but there is no reason why this structure should not be as gorgeous as the rest of the elements in your residence. If you are in the middle of a home improvement project, contemporarily designed staircases can become striking focal points that offer eye-catching artwork. And, the material of your staircase railing will have a paramount role to play in bringing the entire structure together.

Several homes today seek out modernity, which is why glass is often chosen for interior furnishings more often than other types of opaque materials. In keeping with this spirit, here are a few types of glass railing designs that can lend a sense of space and uniqueness to your dwellings.

Standoff Glass Railings

This beautiful and contemporary railing system includes slats of glass panes secured with the help of standoffs. What is that? Standoffs are nothing but round stainless-steel cylinders used to hold said panes of glass in place. This type of glass railing comes with pre-drilled holes, and the standoffs secure the railing glass slats to the stairs vertically.

This type of staircase glass railing design is often frameless and offers minimal visual hindrance. It also lends a sense of openness to the entire stairwell. However, if you have little children scuttling around your house, it might make more sense to build a frame around a standoff railing to ensure the safety of your kids.

Clamped Glass Railing

These staircase glass railing designs secure panels of glass to a staircase using glass clips mounted to posts. This railing system offers an option to combine the railing glass with metal or wood for added effect. You can also choose from a range of varied colours and finishes on aluminium, uPVC, or wood to punctuate the transparency of glass.

Clamped glass railings generally have opaque material strips, also called handrails or caps, running on the top and bottom of a glass slat. This structure is safe for children and can easily be used for support when climbing up or down a stairwell. If you want to add panache to your staircase glass railings design but do not wish to compromise on safety, clamped glass railing is for you.

Dadoed Glass Railing

Here, the railing glass exists within a wooden frame which runs throughout the structure. The glass part of the railing is set inside a sturdy frame which is thick and long at the bottom and turns into a small wooden beam on top.

If you are looking to add just a hint of vintage in your otherwise contemporary home, dodoed staircase glass railings design is for you. These structures blend well with any variety of wooden frames. You can go for a plain frame or one with carvings or patterns. The choice is yours!

Glass Post Railing

The glass post railing structure stands tall with the help of metallic posts and glass clips. Each clip is usually made using 2205 duplex stainless steel which makes this structure exceptionally durable. One of the salient features of such staircase glass railings designs is that you don’t need to drill holes in your glass slabs, and can use them whole. However, if you want extra strength, for example, while installing such railings out on the balcony, we suggest securing them with extra bolts affixed into drilled holes in your glass slab.

Almost all post railings come with a bracket on top to fix a wooden or steel handrail. These handrails make the entire structure safer and more aesthetically pleasing. You also have the option of doing away with the handrail and make the whole structure frameless.

Base Rails

If you are looking for a partially frameless and secure railing system, get a base frame for your railing. The glass base railing system includes a thin strip of metal that runs along the bottom part of the entire structure, holding multiple panels of glass together.

The top part of the glass panels can be frameless, or you can install a handrail for added convenience. However, base rails are secure enough and don’t necessarily need a handrail, unless you want a slender metal railing cap for a sleeker finish.

Railings with Talon Spigots

These staircase glass railing designs are made up of spigot clamps holding long glass panels together. What are spigot clamps? Spigot, also called a talon spigot, is a type of clamp with four holes on its base plate and is simple to screw into the surface of your railing. These mounts clamp a glass pane from both sides, and the surface need not be drilled before usage.

Generally, talon spigots come in two configurations – side mount and surface mount. Side spigots attach to the side of every glass railing panel, whereas surface spigots clamp the glass railing from the very bottom. If you want an unobstructed view, go for surface spigots as their installation is not within your line-of-sight.

Benefits of Glass Railings

Staircase glass railing designs are a worthwhile investment for your home, given they add a dominant aesthetic appeal to your property. Interested parties must read some of the top advantages of installing a glass railing as listed below.

Adds More Natural Light to Your Interiors

Staircase glass railing designs are transparent, which means they don’t trap or block light coming from any corner of your house. If anything, these railings amplify the natural light funnelling into your home and make a space airy and bright. This is especially useful if you live in a metropolis, where square footage is a real problem. And, not to forgot that natural light is excellent for your overall mood and motivation. Therefore, contraptions that maximise the flow of natural light must be given precedence while constructing or renovating your home.

Creates a Sense of Space

Materials that are not glass can make a space look smaller, as your eyes cannot look through them. No wonder glass partitions, railings, and walls are becoming more and more popular these days. Since glass railings or barriers offer unobtrusive viewing, they help create an illusion of space which makes your home look bigger than it is. However, you may want your home to feel bright and full of light without compromising on privacy, which can especially be the case while installing glass railings on exterior stairwells. In such a case, you can always go for frosted glass railings.

Easy to Maintain

You may not know this, but structures made from glass hardly collect dust or grime and are ridiculously easy to maintain. All you need to do to clean your glass balustrade or railing is mop them with clean water and watch them shine up like a new penny. Staircase glass railings designs can also withstand moisture far better than other materials and are resistant to corrosion and termites.

Strength and Durability

Homeowners often raise concerns about the strength and durability of staircase glass railings designs. The truth is that these structures are built to last, which makes them strong and durable. Glass railings are often made from toughened glass that does not scratch, chip, or crack easily.

Great Aesthetic Appeal

Needless to say, staircase glass railing designs look stylish and refined. No wonder you can’t flip through a single architectural magazine without running into a contemporary home with glass railings. Also, these structures are highly customisable. For instance, you can complement your glass railing with glass steps for a more futuristic aesthetic. But, if you are going for a more retro look, then go for glass balustrades with a wooden staircase.

Safe and Secure

Are glass railings secure? A question that often crosses the mind of several homeowners. It is indeed true that many people put off installing glass railings, thinking that it may break the second anything collides into it. But, this is entirely untrue! Modern glass railings made from tempered or laminated glass are as robust as railings made from most other materials. You can even customise the density of glass for a thicker layer of protection. It is due to this very reason that glass balustrades can be easily used for both internal as well as external stairwells.

The Bottom Line

Are you considering installing staircase glass railings designs in your home? If yes, then reach out to India’s leading glass lifestyle solutions provider – AIS Glasxperts. We are a full-service offering by Asahi India Glass Limited and are well-seasoned to accommodate all your glazing and framing requests. Our team of professionally trained personnel are always eager to offer help in every step of the way, from selection to installation to after-sales support.

So, don’t wait until it’s too late! Get in touch with us for spectacular staircase glass railing designs by logging on today!

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