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5 Ways to Use Stained Glass Windows in Office Space

Posted Date: Jun 15, 2020

Rarely paralleled and never surpassed, stained glass windows have been adorning the walls of countless structures since centuries immemorial. These window designs originally laced cathedrals, chapels, and other religious monuments and were later adopted for homes, community centres, and offices. Stained glass windows are nothing short of an art form. These structures play with light modulation and enliven spaces with their beguiling charm.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that even modern-day architecture uses stained glass windows to transform a home or an office space. Talking further about office décor, here are the top 5 ways in which you can use stained glass windows if you are stuck with a dull office that has pale-coloured walls.

Stained Transoms

You may not realise it, but doors and windows are the silent furnishers of any space, and transoms take it all a step further. To brighten up your office, install stained glass transom windows. These structures are located atop a door or window and offer ample light and ventilation. Transoms are relatively customisable, and you choose from either a movable transom or a fixed one. This type of window comes in various shapes, dimensions, and designs.

If your office boasts a considerable amount of woodwork along with walls having tones of white, beige or brown, award it with stained transoms that have shades of green. Also keep in mind that glass staining is achievable on both transparent or frosted surfaces, without compromising on natural light or ventilation.

Stained Arch Windows

An important thing you must keep in mind while going for stained glass windows is that you don’t need to colour the entire glass pane. Staining is often done in parts with the help of a stencil. If you wish to award your contemporary office space with a just a dash of vintage charm, go for partially stained arch windows.

In an arch window, the bottom half can be rectangular or square while the top half is an arch or a semi-circle. You can choose to have a sash running across a stained arch or install an arched window that is clear and only attached from the edges. Another great way of using arched stained-glass windows in your office is to choose a design and colour for only the top part of the arched window.

Stained Window Partitions

One of the most significant benefits of stained glass windows is that they look exceptional, whether installed internally or externally. Therefore, rather than installing vanilla partitions or dividers for your office floor, try out stained glass partitions. These dividers won’t just be ornamental and will help with optimal utilisation of space without compromising on privacy.

You can choose between an opaque or a semi-transparent design depending on where in the office you install it. If you want a kitschy or quirky pattern, go for a good-old gothic style stencil rather than the usual floral ones.

Stained Skylights

This design is especially useful if you don’t want to get a new pair of windows, but still want to freshen up your office. Use stained glass in skylights to naturally light up your office and lend expansiveness to the entire floor. Since an office space is a reasonably formal set-up, choose from a range of monochrome glass. This type of stained glass is coloured using only one shade.

Imagine a monochromatic stained-glass passage or corridor that has a swirling mosaic or ogee pattern to let in natural light without compromising on privacy or safety. Therefore, you must leverage a stained and frosted glass skylight that lets in softer tones and cuts through harsh artificial lighting.

Stained Fixed Windows

Imagine a window that is not just a window, but also a painting! Several offices these days have uninspiring fixed windows to let in natural light. But, windows that are fixed can be retro-painted and made more attractive. Stained glass windows that are fixed don’t reduce the natural light showering inside your office, but they do make interiors more appealing.

Don’t convert all your fixed office windows into stained glass structures. Choose a couple and use them as accents to add a hint of zing to your office interiors. These wall accents will be real head-turners without compromising on utility.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to transform your office with the help of stained glass windows? The professionals at AIS Glasxperts certainly recommend it. We urge you to step out of the ordinary and renovate your office by merely transforming your vanilla windows into stained glass windows.

Are you wondering what qualifies us to advise you? AIS Glasxperts is one of India’s leading glass solutions provider for several decades. Our squad of trained personnel is well-seasoned to help you in every step of the way, from selecting a design and glazing to installing the window and after-sales support. So, get the best out of stained or any other kind of glass by getting in touch with us today!

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