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Specialized Solutions for Residential Spaces

Specialized Solutions for Residential Spaces

Glass is not just a transparent décor solution anymore. With advanced technology, it has evolved to be one of the most sought after home décor solutions. Add a sense of luxury, peace and beauty to your residential space with specialized residential glass solutions. The modern technology has fully explored glass which helped in the creation of breathtaking solutions that can transform a space and make it unbelievably real. The specialised glass solutions can create a personal space in the middle of your living room, or seamlessly blend in the living room, dining room and kitchen into a unified space, without disturbing the natural elements of each space.

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Glass designs have revolutionised residential spaces. Modern homes are not just looking to create an impact by brick and cement work, they are now inclined towards glass solutions. These glass solutions have changed the way modern homes are portrayed. The aesthetic of a home is a pivotal aspect which helps to create a feeling of peace and offers relaxation.

With an extensive range of specialised glass solutions, modern home owners can now invest in acoustics, aesthetics, enhance privacy and even opt for energy-efficient glass solutions. For instance, the aesthetics capabilities of a glass solution help to bring down all the unwanted noises, allowing one to enjoy the sounds of peace and tranquillity. When it comes to privacy solutions that matter, specialised glass solutions offer a wide range of varieties to choose from. Read on to learn about the various glass solutions that offer everything from privacy, security, aesthetics and sophistication.

Stylish Balcony Glass Rooms – Balcony glass room is an innovative way to make use of the balcony area. It makes the space look stylish and adds a touch of luxury. Balcony glass rooms can be easily installed and un-installed. They are also easy to use, maintain and clean. Balcony glass rooms offer improved heat efficiency, enhance strength and durability of the space, making it burglary and theft proof. These balcony glass solutions are also climate proof, making them the ideal solution for enhancing the balcony décor and also the perfect place to spend summer evenings. Amp up your balcony décor with various colours and designs of balcony glass rooms. Apart from residential spaces, this solution is also recommended for hotels, pubs, clubs, etc.

State-of-Art Spider Glazing – Spider glazing is a technique mostly used for large areas with large and open elevation. Earlier, this concept was only limited to hotels, malls and large commercial spaces. With the advancements in manufacturing processes, spider glazing has become common in residential spaces as well.  Spider glazing can be customized according to the design of the building, with the help of spider glazing hardware, toughened glass and various other components involved in spider glazing concepts. Spider glazing glass solution is manufactured using high strength and durability glass. This makes the interiors safe from theft and burglary. This solution is highly recommended for farmhouses, villas and bungalows with large frontal facades.

Strong and Durable Staircase – Contrary to popular belief, glass is not a fragile material anymore. It is used to build innovative glass staircases which are manufactured using chemically treated, tempered and laminated glass solutions. These glass solutions are strong enough to withstand a huge amount of weight. The safety, strength and style found in a laminated glass makes it the ideal choice for designing excellent staircases. It also blends both structural and functional aesthetics.  Glass staircases are recommended in beautiful multi-storey villas and bungalows. These strong and durable glass staircases are easy to clean and maintain.

Innovative Glass Walkways – Glass walkways are an innovation that is absolutely class apart. Unlike common concrete floors, glass walkways offer a sense of luxury to the space. It is absolutely safe and doesn’t get slippery for a person to fall while passing by. Walkways are a creation of strong glass solutions that are durable enough to withstand the weight of the space. Glass walkways and floorings can bring an elegant and charming appeal to any farmhouse or residential space with large open areas. Along with being extremely functional and practical, it also offers superior aesthetics that are a must in premium spaces.

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Lacquered Glass Partitions - When elegance and privacy are the primitive demands of a residential space and concrete walls sound like a very outdated idea, lacquered glass partitions are the perfect solution for you. Lacquered glass is produced by adding a coat of lacquer on one side of the clear glass. This gives the glass a stylish appearance. Apart from privacy and aesthetics, lacquered glass solutions are also durable, and do not break under high impact or collision. Lacquered glass solutions are long-lasting and the colour on the surface doesn’t fade away easily under any circumstances. Now you can say goodbye to concreate walls, and switch to lacquered glass partitions that are equally strong and durable.

Beautiful Mirrors - Mirrors are an evergreen part of every residential space. They bring an ornate setting to the interiors. There are various designs of mirrors available in the market that can be customized as per the requirement of the space. Huge square and rectangular mirrors are an extremely popular choice for enhancing the living room décor of luxury villas and bungalows. Mirrors find their use everywhere, from the bedroom to washrooms, and from the kitchen to living rooms. Aesthetic mirrors are durable and distortion-free. Also, they require less maintenance compared to ordinary mirrors. These mirrors are perfect for the main halls and washrooms.

Shower Cubicle - Glass has slowly grown as the top material of choice in creating stunning bathroom interiors. With transparency being its main asset, it has been used in creating elegant glass shower cubicles which create a unique and separate bathing space leaving you with enough dry space for rest of the important chores. A shower is considered a private experience, and so it seems contradictory to use glass as material to construct a shower cubicle. Though with new production processes, it is possible to overcome this through the use of frosted glass.

Frosted glass helps to restrict vision from the outside, and makes sure that your shower-time is private. These cubicles are constructed like glass shower enclosure and partitions. These cubicles are constructed like glass shower enclosure and partitions.

Besides being transparent, glass is also known for being fragile. New development techniques step in again to create a stronger and more durable glass construct. The glass used in constructing these cubicles are tempered glass and heat soaked glass which is more than 5 times stronger than annealed glass. So there’s no more reason to be anxious about the glass being broken by a slip or fall.

Glasxperts shower cubicle

Skylight- There’s nothing more pleasing and brighter for a room than a skylight. It can open up confined or comatose quarters by giving a feeling of capaciousness. Welcoming more light and fresh air, a skylight can transform the entire look and feel of your living space.

Skylights though having multiple functions, are primarily roof windows which provide a visual connection to the outdoor environment to interior occupants. They are day lighting elements which are used to allow direct and/or indirect sunlight, through top lighting.

Skylight glass illuminate the bedroom with natural light and are exquisite solutions for an elegant finish inside. They can either be lucid or opaque, open or close. A well-planned installation can provide warmth, aeration, and a bright new feel to almost any section of your home. Properly installed and functionally strong skylight glass can fulfill all fruitful advantages and qualities of a skylight for a room.

Glasxperts skylight windows

Sliding Glass Doors- Times is changing and so are the modern solutions in doors and windows. Sliding glass door is one such answer that aims at reducing the effort of users and make for more space and transparency. The sliding systems use the interesting and innovative mechanism of sliding door gears to operate the door or windows they are installed by.

They open horizontally by sliding, usually parallel to a wall and give both quirky and aesthetic outlook for your bedroom. In the realm of creating partitions with doors, sliding glass doors and window solutions fulfill your artistic taste in glass living.

These solutions come with various design requirements –either frame or frameless, wooden or steel. The glass sliding doors are created with tempered glass, which is 5 times stronger than normal annealed glass. So go ahead and create and visual masterpiece with your interiors.

Smart Glass- The advancement of modern technology and glass has resulted into the creation of a newer and improved form of glass known as smart glass. It switches from opaque to transparent. The unique feature of smart glass is its ability to alternate its light transmission properties under the application of voltage, light or heat.

The construct of smart glass involves a film of liquid crystal, which create an opaque state for the glass. The intriguing feature about this is that when connected to a power supply, the liquid crystals are affected by the change in current and lead to a transparent state that allows light to pass through. Its property of being able to alternate from an opaque to transparent state at the push of a button demonstrates its viability–it can decrease visibility up to 80 percent.

Smart glass is a great alternative to other materials when it comes to creating privacy at the office or even at home without disrupting the aesthetics of the environment. This makes it perhaps the best solution that merge aesthetics and privacy.

Glass with Integrated Blinds-
Integrated glass blinds are the system that allows blinds to be fitted between two panes of glasses ensuring durability and added aesthetic value. With advancements in innovation, the utilization of glass has turned out to be more significant and remarkable.

Today, along with decor purpose glass also takes care of privacy at home, office and other organisations. Integrated Glass Blinds is a result of front line innovation which permits you to control the visibility with the help of a remote control.

Vertical window blinds allow multiple features such as privacy, protection from sunlight and transparency. These vertical window blinds are controlled by two powerful magnets allowing user to turn on and off the blinds. The technology is suitable for certain glass applications like double glazing units and provides an ideal solution for conservatory shading.

Smog Proof Glass Solutions- Smog and pollution resistant glass solutions help reduce the use of artificial air purifying devices. By bringing down the use of air purifiers, home and commercial space owners can save a lot when it comes to electricity bills. These window solutions help experience a healthy lifestyle with minimum use of artificial purifying sources.

These glass solutions can be used in doors and windows at home, office, hotels, hospitals to cut pollution. These solutions have an air tight system that prevents any air leakage. These window solutions restrict the air transfer from exterior to interiors and do not let unwanted air inside.

Upgrade your interior design with these extensive ranges of modern glass solutions. Create a contemporary style, keep it simple and traditional or add a vibrant touch to your space, all made possible with specialised glass solutions.


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