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Be it home décor or commercial space décor, glass solutions have taken over the traditional concrete décor. Glass has been transformed from the most fragile to the most versatile and durable solutions for interior design. Glass is massively used in large scale commercial façade installation to premium villas, hospitality industry and a variety of applications.

Modern manufacturing and advanced technology have created modern glass solutions to fulfill the aesthetic value, safety and security feature along with energy-efficient needs of a space. With various glass solutions to choose from, you can enhance the look of your office or your home. After all, who doesn’t like to garner attention and get complimented for the space they live in or work at?

Now, you can bring glass solutions to every corner of your abode or work with specialised glass solutions. For instance, you can stylise your balcony with customised balcony glass rooms, or create a seamless and sophisticated look with glass shower cubicles, perfect for your guests.

Let’s look at some types of specialised glass solutions for your space.

1 Balcony glass rooms

Balcony glass rooms by glassxperts

Balcony glass rooms enclose the balcony area and may expand over. These glass solutions will enhance the look of the interiors as well as create an attractive exterior. It is one of the latest innovations in glass technology. Balcony glass rooms can be easily installed and un-installed, making it a must to amplify the décor.

In addition to that, these are moisture and heat resistant, which helps the interior maintain an acceptable temperature without being affected by the weather outside. Furthermore, balcony glass rooms are available in various colours, shapes and sizes, which can be easily customised. These tailor-made glass solutions are curated according to the needs of the clients.

2. Spider glazing

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Spider glazing is a modern solution for exterior bolted glass assemblies. It is a complete package that includes the glass, fixings, fasteners and spider brackets that connect to the structure, for example, a pillar or building walls. This solution provides maximum transparency and ensures that the interiors are generously provided with natural light.

The steel fixings are designed to absorb all static and dynamic loads, including the dead weight of the glass, wind loading, and differential expansion due to the temperature difference, and distribute them to the support structure. The structure is available with a multitude of hardware which is customised according to the client’s needs. Spider glazing, however, is mostly used for commercial spaces only.

3. Staircase

glass-staircase by glasxperts

With the innovation of glass, interior designers have moved from the traditional concrete and wood to modern and durable glass solutions. Glass solutions can integrate a perfect blend of both structural and functional aesthetics. Glass staircase design is yet another innovation which takes architecture to another level of brilliance.

Although, glass may seem to be an unlikely choice for a structure which is meant to carry weight, the latest innovations have defeated those physical confinements and made glass, the perfect solution. For instance, a glass spiral staircase design is an aesthetically appealing, yet functional and durable option that can enhance the look of your interiors. It can be further customised to a transparent or translucent set of staircases.

4. Walkways

walkways by glasxperts

As the name suggests, walkways are meant to be sturdy and stylish. Modern glass solutions can withstand extraordinary weight. Now, you can create beautiful walkways for your home or office. It is a perfect choice to blend in structural and functional aesthetics. Unlike, traditional walkways, glass walkways are easy to maintain, and usually last more than a decade with just regular maintenance. Glass walkways tend to create an illusion of brighter and more spacious interiors. You can also customise the glass walkways according to the interior design of your home or office space.

5. Integrated glass blinds

blinds-closed by glasxperts

This glass solution allows blinds to be fitted between two panes of glass, ensuring durability and aesthetic value of the space. Integrated glass blinds not only suffice interior designing needs but also, adds a layer of privacy to your home or office. These glass blinds are mostly commercially used in hospitals, hospitality industry, etc. Integrated glass blinds are a result of front line innovation which permits you to control the visibility with the help of a remote control. Make sure to select the right kind of blinds to control the privacy settings at its best.

6. Smog resistant & anti- air pollution window solutions

Smog is more hazardous as compared to air pollution. Therefore, switch to smog resistant & anti- air pollution window solutions for a better life. These glass solutions will reduce the dependence on artificial air purifying devices. Thus, making the glass solution an economical and eco-friendly option. Smog resistant & anti- air pollution window solutions come in a variety of customised solutions.

For instance, you can opt for airtight sealed window solution that restricts the air transfer. You can also choose advanced multipoint locking systems which ensure extremely tight closing of the outlet. This locking system keeps the pollutants outside, creating a pollution free environment inside.

7. Shower cubicles

glass shower cubicles by glasxperts

A bathroom is one of the most private rooms in a home. Contradictory to its characteristics, glass solutions have finds its place in the most personal of space. Now, you can incorporate customised glass shower cubicles for an extravagant experience. You can either choose from transparent glass solutions or use frosted glass for a translucent  look.

Frosted glass helps to restrict vision from the outside, and makes sure that your shower-time is private. Tempered glass and heat soaked glass, which is 5 times stronger than annealed glass, is used in the making of glass shower cubicles. Therefore, create a lavish bathroom, where you unwind and get fresh.

8. Skylights

Skylights by glasxperts

Skylights, though having multiple functions, are primarily roof windows which provide a visual connection to the outside world. These are day-lighting elements which are used to allow direct or indirect sunlight, through top lighting. Skylight glass illuminates the bedroom with natural light and isan exquisite solution for any home and office.

They can either be clear  or translucent, operable or closed. A well-planned installation can provide warmth, aeration, and a bright new feel to almost any section of your home or commercial space. Properly installed and functionally strong skylight glass can fulfill all fruitful advantages and qualities of a skylight for a room. Made with Laminated Sentry glass which is five times stronger than the conventional laminated glass, these skylights offer stronger durability.

9. Sliding systems

sliding doors by glasxperts

In the realm of creating partitions with doors, we provide you with glass sliding doors and windows solutions to fulfil your artistic taste in glass living. These glass solutions come with various design requirements –either with frame or frameless. The glass sliding doors are created with tempered glass, which is 5 times stronger than normal annealed glass or laminated safety glass. The sliding systems use the interesting and innovative mechanism of sliding door gears to operate the doorsand windows. They slide open horizontally, usually parallel to a wall. The sliding system gives a quirky, yet aesthetic outlook to your interiors. Some of the specialised slider design are:

      • uPVC Frames: “Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride” which provide improved efficiency and long warranty for doors and window frames.
      • Wooden frames: A premium and environmentally sustainable option, wood is a great choice when it comes to providing a strong base for glass windows and doors.

10. Smart glass

smart glass by glasxperts

Smart glass is a great alternative to other materials when it comes to creating privacy at the office or even at home without disrupting the aesthetics of the environment. This makes it perhaps the best solution that beautifully merges aesthetics and privacy.The advancement of modern technology has resulted in the creation of a newer and improved form of glass known as smart glass.

It switches from opaque to transparent. The unique feature of smart glass is its ability to alternate its light transmission properties under the application of voltage, light or heat. The construction of smart glass involves a film of liquid crystal, which creates an opaque state for the glass.

However, when connected to a power supply, the liquid crystals are affected by the change in current and lead to a transparent state that allows light to pass through.Just like any other décor solution, it becomes imperative to take good care of the glass solution as well. Even though, glass solutions are meant to last longer than their traditional counterparts, a basic maintenance can go a long way. As you know, glass is a fragile material, if left unattended over a long period of time, it may result in permanent damage.

Glass surfaces are highly prone to scratches, and also attract dust, making them tough to clean. Therefore, you require experienced professionals for glass cleaning services as well as to maintain the aesthetics of it. You should always opt for a well-known glass cleaning company which offers intensive in-house testing and can handle even the most delicate installations.

You can also select an Annual Maintenance Cleaning Service (AMCS), which will cover all the cleaning needs for a year.With so many glass solutions to choose from, you cannot go wrong. Opt for specialised glass solutions to revamp the look of your residential and commercial space.

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