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Soundproof Glass Windows: A Complete Beginners Guide

Posted Date: May 20, 2022

Be it office or home, we all need a space where we can spend quality time and work in peace without any disturbance. However, the rapid urbanization has not only made life a rat race but has also contributed heavily to the ever-increasing noise pollution. Be it construction work or constant honking during traffic all these manage to creep into your private space. That’s where soundproof glass windows come into the picture.

What is soundproof glass?

While glass itself is a bad soundproofing material but once processed, it not only enhances the aesthetics but also blocks up to 90% of unwanted noise. Leading glass door companies like AIS Glasxperts provide acoustic (soundproof) glass as well as uPVC and aluminium door and window frames that further enhance the functionality.

Soundproof glass is essentially a laminated glass made by joining two layers of glass with an interlayer of PVB in between. The PVB layer gives it a single-paned appearance and acts as an acoustic layer that absorbs sound.

How Does Soundproof Glass Work?

Now that you know a little about soundproof glass, it’s time to know more about its working. Thick glass can lower the vibrations and hence the frequency but can also amplify the sound instead of dampening it due to coincidence frequency. To avoid this, companies usually use a combination of 30% differential in thickness that allows better decoupling interlayer in the soundproof glass windows.

Plastic laminate and other composites are also used to reduce the vibrations in the glass and make it more rigid and sturdy. A plastic interlayer can also be sandwiched between two glasses as it absorbs sound, reduces vibrations and makes the structure stronger. This layer can include, polyvinyl butyral (PVB), micro rubber spacers or vacuum spacing.

Some soundproofing glasses also use panes to add a vacuum space between two panes of glass which prevents sound from entering. The larger the gap, the greater the mechanical isolation. Some windows also have a secondary window inside which creates a thick air space that traps the sound.

Why opt for soundproof glass?

It is better to get soundproof glass windows for balcony and other sections of your home or office if you live in the heart of the city. It can significantly improve your standard of living due to the following reasons:

  1. Noise Reduction

  2. We all need some quiet time every now and then to relax or work. This can be ensured by installing soundproof glass windows. Soundproof glass creates a barrier that prevents outside disturbances interrupt your quiet time and helps you focus on the task at hand.

  3. Enhanced safety

  4. Soundproof glass is laminated which means it has a rigid structure as well as superior strength that can handle greater pressure than annealed glass. Even if it breaks, the pieces don’t shatter as they remain stuck to the PVB interlayer, giving it a web-like appearance. Due to this feature, it is safe to use in residential spaces.

  5. Greater security

  6. This glass has superior strength that can prevent breaking and increase security. It does not break easily, thus making it difficult for intruders to break in. Its durable design can also withstand harsh weather conditions without weakening the structural integrity. This makes it a good investment from a security standpoint.

  7. Greater comfort

  8. The soundproof glass can also be customised to help regulate the temperature inside. A low-E coating on the glass can insulate the interiors and keep the temperature low during summers. During winters, the windows prevent the heat from escaping, thereby keeping everyone warm inside. This helps relieve the pressure from the heating or cooling systems installed and lowers electricity consumption.

  9. Protection against UV rays

  10. Soundproof glass also helps keep the harmful UV rays out. Constant exposure to UV rays can result in multiple ailments but opting for soundproof glass for balcony and windows can help avoid it. It can also block out infrared rays.

Features to keep in mind while choosing soundproof glass

Now that you know about the working, structure and advantages of installing soundproof glass windows, it’s time to check out the important features a premium quality glass should have for greater durability and effective sound blocking.

  • Thickness (STC Rating)

  • Make sure that the glass used to make soundproof windows is thick enough to absorb and dampen the vibrations. This can be determined by the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating that classifies how effectively a material can muffle and dissipate sound energy. Most soundproof glasses have ratings between 20 to 38 and can block up to 90% of the external noise from entering inside.

  • Number of panes

  • Since sound can be trapped between the layers, having a higher number of panes in the glass window can help keep sound out more effectively. But it also adds to the overall cost and adding more than two panes can prove to be unfruitful as they only increase your savings by a dollar or two annually.

  • Cost

  • Since these glasses are laminated and can also have a low-E coating, they can not only keep the hustle and noise outside but also regulate temperature. It can prevent heat from escaping and insulate the interiors quite well. During summers, it keeps the heat at bay, thus helping the cooling and heating systems to work without consuming excessive energy and reducing electricity bills.

Picking the right glass company

While there are tons of companies claiming that they can provide the best glass windows, only a few keep their promise. Leaders like AIS Glasxperts understand that you need a 360-degree solutions. They not only offer soundproof glasses but also give you a wide range of options when it comes to windows, frames and other fenestration products.

You need to ensure that the company uses only premium quality material when it comes to manufacturing, processing and installation of the glass. Another important factor you need to keep in mind is that the installation should be done by a trained and experienced technician to prevent mishaps and handle any issues that might come up during installation.

Several companies don’t entertain calls or requests after getting paid, so make sure that the company also offers excellent customer service even after the installation is done. AIS Glasxperts not only provides cutting-edge and innovative solutions but is also experienced in customising your residential or commercial space as per your requirement in an eco-friendly and budget-friendly manner through products like AIS Acousticglas and insulated glass units.

Now that you know all the important things to look out for while purchasing soundproof glass windows for your home, office, or any other space it’s time to set up your dream space and enhance its aesthetics while keeping noise and pollution at bay!

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