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Keep your interiors pollution-free with specialized glass solutions

The toxic air from outside can permeate your indoors and harm your health. Earlier, this issue used to be concerned only with outdoors but slowly the smog and pollution has started to leak into the living space. Home owners don’t realize that tiny gaps in their window structures may be allowing the pollution to permeate indoors.

Modern glass solutions are manufactured in such a way that it prevents air and pollution leakage in the interiors. There are a number of techniques that makes the glass pollution resistant.

Glass window interior

You can select from the following glass solutions –

Completely Sealed Window System

Strongly sealed windows with high quality gaskets and joints ensure that there are no gaps left between the frame and the wall. This window doesn’t allow pollutants to enter the living space.


MULTI-LOCK Window system

Multipoint locking systems are manufactured using advanced techniques ensure extremely tight closing of the outlet. The air seepage becomes difficult because there is no source from where air can leak.

Silicon Sealant

Silicon Sealant are specialized adhesives that prevent air leakage through the gaps of window and wall. Specialized silicon sealant ensures that these gaps don’t exist, leaving no room for pollution to enter inside.

Pollution is a huge concern and glass solution can help you ensure a healthy lifestyle. With modern glass solutions, you don’t have to worry about the health and well-being of your loved ones.

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