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Smart Solutions for Your Space with Smart Glass

Posted Date: Nov 05, 2019

We live in a world of smart everything – from smart cities to smart watches to even smart lights. That’s appealing! Did you just say that?! You find smart devices and technology as far as the eyes may see. So, how can smart glass be left out of the list? And thankfully it hasn’t been left out, considering its incredible benefits. Intrigued much? Let’s dive straight into what smart glass is and how you can transform your space with it.                                                                                           

What is So Smart about Smart Glass? How is it Manufactured?

Smart glass, also known as LCG (Light Control Glass) or switchable glass is a modern, innovative building material made using electrochromic glass. The light transmission features of the glass can be altered with the application of heat, voltage, or light. Meaning, the glass can be changed from transparent to semi-transparent (translucent) to completely opaque.

The ‘smart’ factor of smart glass windows lies in a substrate developed using several films of plastic. This substrate itself is made up of multiple layers, each with a separator between them. Most commonly, the two ingredients used in the substrate layers are lithium cobalt oxide and polycrystalline tungsten oxide. Then, lithium ions are allowed to settle in one of the layers and the smart substrate is sandwiched between two or three panes of glass to build the end product – smart glass windows.

Though Electrochromic is the most widely used material in manufacturing smart glass, other building materials are also used – PDLC or Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Devices and Nanocrystal. 

Smart Features of Smart Glass

  • Allows Privacy

By altering between crystal clear transparency and complete opaqueness and everything in between using smart glass, you can easily choose your privacy level depending upon the circumstances or even your mood.

  • Provides Safety

You must be wondering, “How does smart glass provide safety and security?” Well, smart glass’ features of switching from transparency to total opaqueness can be useful for keeping nosy people at bay in areas or commercial establishments that have been temporarily sealed due to whatever circumstances.

  • Energy Conservation (Both Ways)

Smart glass windows bring in the best of both worlds – you can switch them off in case you need natural light to work in and you can switch them on once the sun’s heat becomes unbearable. Ordinary glass normally requires cooling systems to get rid of the sun’s trapped heat but simply by switching to the opaque version, smart glass eliminates that need. Hence, it works both ways by conserving energy spent on artificial lighting and in running the cooling systems. Moreover, by reducing the temperature of the room, smart glass also helps you to reduce your air-conditioning electricity bills.

  • Easy to Maintain

Cleanliness and sterilization of smart glass is easier as compared to its traditional counterparts such as privacy screens and curtains. All you need to do is simply give it a good wipe every now and then and you’re good.

  • Protection from UV Rays

By now, you are totally accustomed to hearing that UV rays of the sun are harmful to your health. But, did you also know that furniture that has been continually exposed to UV rays of the sun begin losing their shine and become dull in appearance? Smart glass windows can keep such a situation at an arm’s length. And the best part is you do not even need to set the glass to a certain state (say opaque) or activate it. Simply installing smart glass windows or applying smart glass to your current ones will do the trick.

  • Multiple Uses

Another important feature of smart glass is that when it’s in its opaque state, it can even be used as a projection screen. Talk about an awesome, huge home theatre!

Revamp Your Space Using Smart Glass

  • Office Partitions

When it comes to workplaces, especially organisations having an agile work environment, using smart or switchable glass is a much more convenient option as compared to standard walls or typical glass partitions. Smart glass in your office can serve multiple purposes – It can easily be used to receive natural light and then turned to its privacy state in case of circumstances that call for privacy (and we all know offices never run out of such moments!) This feature of switchable glass is especially useful for board rooms and even boss’ cabins where both transparency and privacy are needed, it’s just a matter of ‘when’.

  • As an Alternative to Curtains

Smart glass can completely replace curtains, shades, and blinds. And that is absolutely good news! The reason being curtain maintenance is a pretty tedious task. Plus, the heat and light adjustments provided by it are pretty basic whereas by installing smart glass windows, you can simply forget about investing in curtains as not only is smart glass easy to maintain but also provides better heat and light regulation including energy conservation. This is especially useful in bathrooms where curtains are not only messy but may even lead to injuries in case of a trip-and-fall situation.

  • Preserve Your Valuable Furniture

Installing smart glass windows, be it your home or your office, will give you the additional protection – protection from the sun’s harmful UV and IR rays. This will not only preserve the health of you and your loved ones but will also grant your precious furniture a long life.

  • Enjoy a Fun Home Theatre

As stated earlier, smart glass in its privacy state can even be used as a large projector screen. So, what better way to spend the weekend than munching popcorn and watching a fun movie with your loved ones right at the comfort of your home!

Create a smart living space and workplace using AIS Swytchglas – A revolutionary smart glass by AIS Glasxperts that allows you to control your space’s privacy simply with the switch of a button. And with all this, reduce your energy consumption costs! Get in touch today.

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