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Smart Glass Technology: How It Works and Its Benefits?

Smart Glass Technology: How It Works and Its Benefits

Posted Date: Jun 13, 2023

LCG [Light Control Glass], switchable glass, or just “smart glass,” is greatly aiding the product design, automotive, architectural, and interior design sectors. In simple words, smart glass technology can easily change the amount of light diffused from a “see-through” material.

It helps these types of materials appear “opaque,” “translucent,” or “transparent.” The technology behind switchable glass can resolve all the functional demands and conflicting designs.

The technology will also help balance the benefits of open floor plans, natural views, and lights with the need for privacy and energy conservation. Let’s learn more about this smart glass in detail in this post.

Smart Glass Technology: How Exactly Does It Work?

The smart glass utilizes either SPD [Suspended Particle Device] or PDLC [Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal]. It also has a film interlayer, which is retrofitted or limited to the glass. This “interlayer” contains the SPD formulation or the PDLC formulation.

The formulation is found between two sheets of “see-through” materials, and each of them contains an ITO [Indium Tin Oxide] coating. When electricity gets charged through the switchable glass, the ITO coating will force all the particles or molecules in the film’s chemical layer to align, and in return, it creates transparency.

Besides that, Suspended Particle Devices and Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals are commonly used films. But the “electrochromic items" get directly coated on the Indium Tin Oxide glass.

How Beneficial is Smart Glass Technology in Today’s World?

The smart glass can become “opaque” or “transparent” when you switch it on and off. This clearly shows that the primary benefit of switchable glass is that it will provide you with privacy whenever you need it. But there are several other benefits that you will get, which are:

It’s soundproof:

The switchable glass contains soundproofing properties. It’s primarily because the glass is made out of switchable film that is placed between two sheets of tempered and laminated glass.

Offers protection:

This type of glass can offer a high level of safety and security to a certain room or area. Furthermore, it can also be a barrier to preventing forced entry.

It’s energy-efficient:

Apart from being an excellent glass to offer privacy, the smart glass can also be utilized as a whiteboard or a rear projection screen. This feature is ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, and home theaters.

Ideal for many applications:

The switchable glass technology has gained plenty of popularity, and due to such reasons, it’s been utilized in countless applications. They are used in retail storefront windows, hospital rooms, hotel guest rooms, and office partitions.


Smart or switchable glass technology has become well-known in various industries, including automotive and healthcare. This type of glass can also be used in residential and commercial properties. It also offers both protection and privacy from the outside world and keeps the interiors secure and safe at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the smart glass?

You can clean the smart glass just like normal glass. Just take a damp cloth and a cleaning product to clean it up. If the glass has excess water on it, make sure to clean it up before you switch it on.

Is the smart glass available in different shades?

Yes, they are. There are several manufacturers who provide this type of glass in shaded tints, such as bronze, grays, blues, and greens.

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