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What is Smart Glass and How can it help you?

What is Smart Glass

Posted Date: Oct 01, 2021

Smart Glass & its Benefits

Decades ago, when people installed glass in their homes or commercial spaces, they only had one concern on their minds - does it offer a crystal-clear view of the world outside? Now,  with the advent of technology, our expectations from glass itself have changed. Today, you can find a broad range of glasses that can be used to enhance your sense of privacy. One such glass is smartglass

What is smartglass?

Also known as light control glass, smartglass is an extremely innovative type of glass that allows the user to control the light that enters their home or office space through the windows. As a result, you can make the glass become completely opaque when you want privacy, or turn it transparent when you want. As you can probably guess, this type of glass has become very popular in both residential and commercial spaces. People can build conference rooms made of smartglass and turn the walls opaque during meetings. Similarly, the windows in your living room can become opaque or even translucent anytime you desire. 

How can smartglass help you?

Smartglass offers a broad range of benefits, which is why it is chosen by most builders today. Some of the advantages it offers are as follows:

  • More privacy: one of the main reasons why people use smartglass is because they want more privacy. In many situations, people opt for glass in their architecture as it looks much better than regular walls. Modern construction is all about glass and metal designs. However, regular glass has a major drawback - everyone can see what is happening at all times. This is, of course, highly unsuitable for homes and office buildings. Smartglass allows you to enjoy the privacy you want, while also enjoying the aesthetics of the glass. 
  • Lower power consumption: everyone wants to save on energy whenever possible. Not only does the careless use of energy lead to high electricity bills, but it also leads to negative impacts on the environment. Using smartglass can help you lower your use of energy. During the summer months, it lets in enough light that you won’t have to rely on electric sources of light. During the winter months, it can prevent the indoor heat from escaping, so that you don’t have to rely on the heater too much. In both cases, it helps you save energy. 
  • UV protection: the harmful UV rays of the sun can damage your skin, leading to signs of ageing and even cancer with prolonged exposure. It is always important to minimise your exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Smartglass can help you in that regard. It can control the amount of UV rays that enter your room. What’s more, it can also control the amount of IR rays that enter your room. This can help protect your skin in the long run.

Where can you use smartglass?

The best part about smartglass is that you can use it in any window. The applications of the glass are endless, but to help your creative juices flow, we’ve jotted down some of the main places where smartglass is used today. These are:

  • Hospitals: drapes and curtains that are pulled between patient’s beds or at the ends of corridors are a common sight in hospitals, however, they are not a very sanitary solution. Instead, the top hospitals in the country are now using smartglass to create demarcations between beds. This glass is generally kept opaque so that different patients can enjoy their privacy. This isn’t the only benefit. Using smartglass like this can also help you cut down on noise, ensuring that each patient can have peace and quiet. 
  • Residential buildings: one of the main applications of smartglass is in modern homes. The glass can be used in windows, as well as to create partitions within the house. People can make it opaque to enhance their privacy, or turn it clear when they have guests over and want to show off their decor. Since smartglass is more unique when compared with regular glass, your guests are bound to be impressed!
  • Commercial buildings: most office spaces today are built with lots of glass and steel as this looks more modern than concrete buildings. However, no company wants to compromise on their privacy, especially if they are used to handling sensitive information. The solution is simple - most architects turn to smartglass to give companies the best of both worlds. 

Where can you get smartglass?

At AIS Glasxperts, we are the leading manufacturers of smartglass, as well as other high-tech glasses (such as energy-efficient glass). With decades of experience in the field of manufacturing high-quality glass, we are the right people to turn to for all your needs. If you are in the process of building any, then get in touch with us today!

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