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Smart Glass and Its Key Applications

Posted Date: Feb 12, 2020

The world of architecture and interior designing holds glass on a pedestal and rightfully so. After all, modern-day glass is the perfect union of jaw-dropping aesthetics and advanced functionality. But it is equally true that technology is evolving at a lightning speed. Architects and interior designers are in a particularly vulnerable position – staying informed of the evolving technologies is a challenge. In recent years, smart glass has taken the architectural, interior and product design industries by storm. Let’s find out all about this innovative technology that has revolutionised the world -

What is Smart Glass?

Just like air-conditioners and room heating systems allow you to control the temperature of your room with the switch of a button, modern innovation in glass solutions allow you to control the amount of light entering through your windows – smart glass solutions.

Smart glass is also known as light control glass (LCG), privacy glass or switchable glass in the market. It is a type of glass whose light transmission properties can be altered when voltage is applied. It is manufactured by making use of the PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology in which liquid crystal micro-droplets are suspended into a polymer base. The natural state of the film is such that the liquid crystals are arranged in a straight line blocking the passage of light through the film – the glass appears to be opaque. On the passage of an electric current, the crystals become scattered, thereby allowing light to pass through – the glass becomes transparent. In simple words, it is a type of glass that lets you control the amount of light that gets through it.

What are the Benefits of Using Smart Glass?

Smart glass gives us numerous benefits, such as:


Smart glass allows you to have privacy on-demand by just being able to “switch” from transparent to opaque – All you need to do is use the hand-held remote device. This also means that you no longer have to deal with the hassles of having curtains or drapes in your home or office.

Optimal Power Conservation

If there was ever a dire need for energy conservation, it is now. Keeping a check on air-conditioning and heating systems, though vital, calls for a mechanism that can deal with thermal transmittance effectively. Smart glass windows can be used to make your homes or offices more energy-efficient. They allow sufficient amount of natural light to enter in sans the unwanted heat during summers. Moreover, during winters, they prevent the interior heat from escaping to the outdoors, thereby maintaining ideal indoor temperatures. Smart glass also provides optimal glare management, thereby protecting you from the harmful effects of prolonged glare exposure – visual discomfort and in worst cases, impaired vision.

UV Protection

Smart glass blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays (UV) of the sun. As a result, it not only protects your skin but also prevents the furniture and fabric near your windows from fading.

What are the Applications of Smart Glass?

Here are the few areas where smart glass can be used effectively.

Office Partitions

Smart glass can easily transform shared and open spaces into private ones. This becomes quite an important feature in an office as installing switchable glass partitions will give you the privacy that you require in your workplace. Smart glass partitions work the best for flexible open floor plans. They help in maintaining privacy while maximising space in a modern office. Not only is smart glass a practical solution but it also adds a modern touch to the interiors of your office.

Residential Buildings

In recent years, smart glass windows, partitions and doors have become very popular in residential buildings. They can easily be used in skylights, doors, and windows. Smart Glass helps you in controlling both privacy and the amount of light that enters into the interior of the building. Smart glass would ensure your privacy without the need for blinds or curtains. You can even use smart glass wall partitions to demarcate between spaces, essentially your living room from the dining area. And what’s even better is that smart glass partitions can easily be used as mini home-theatres. All you need to do is increase their opacity levels.


Whether it’s a big hotel or a micro-hotel, smart glass can add elegance and efficiency in both. It provides privacy especially in bathrooms, shower cubicles and spas. With a simple click, the guest can transform the electronic privacy glass from clear to opaque and back again as per their wish. Smart glass partitioning can also be added to conference rooms, bars, and restaurants in hotels.


Hospitals are visited by vulnerable people who are prone to infections. Due to this, they require extra care which is why smart glass is the best option. With the advent of smart glass, there is no need for curtains, blinds or traditional drapes. These smart glass partitions not only give the patients privacy, but they also don’t let outside noise in creating an extra layer of confidentiality.  Smart Glass is also used to create modern post-operation units and single-bed units.  The traditional curtains and drapes that are used as patient-privacy curtains are one of the main causes for the spreading of diseases as these contain the most bacteria. By switching to smart glass panels, the rate at which diseases spread will reduce as smart glass is easier to clean and is more hygienic than traditional curtains. The Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) partitions also let the hospital staff check on patients without entering the room or creating any disturbance. In examination areas, doctors can also select opacity levels of the smart glass walls to give themselves privacy.

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