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Sliding Glass Doors- The Perfect Solution for Small Spaces

Posted Date: Oct 08, 2019

Whether you live in a studio apartment or just bought a new office space to nurture your start-up idea, you would always be keen to create more space in the existing space to give an orderly and spacious feel to your work and home spaces. Disorganised work stations can often lead to distractions and decrease your productivity levels. Your home is a getaway from your stressful lives but the cluttered mess around you can stress you out more instead of helping you unwind.

Thanks to the technological advancements in the world of interiors, more and more designers are embracing the concept of easy living. They are focused on creating a space which does not only have top-drawer aesthetics but also is high on functionality. In keeping with the trend, the invention of glass sliding doors emerged as the perfect solution for designing small spaces.

Sliding Glass Doors- Gateway to a Larger Space

Despite being a niche product in the expansive door industry, sliding doors have taken precedence as the preferred choice. In fact, research revealed that the global sliding doors market grew at 3% in 2016 and is expecting to grow a constant rate of 4% annually.

Owing to the upwards graph of sliding doors, the industry witnessed the need to create glass sliding doors to strike a balance between sustainability, aesthetics and efficiency. Owing to its recyclable properties, glass has been considered as a versatile building material- since time immemorial.

Sliding glass doors were further reinvented to help create trendy variants that match the vibe of every space. Whether you wish to install glass sliding doors to enhance the décor or create the illusion of a larger space, you can find a stylish design that caters to your every need. However, browsing through endless catalogues can end up leaving you more confused than ever.  That’s why we have compiled a list of the hottest sliding glass doors designs along with their beneficial qualities to help you understand why the perfect fit for you.

Benefits of Installing Sliding Glass Doors

If you’re ever on the fence about installing glass sliding doors, take a look at some of the advantages that they have to offer.

Big Glass Of Sliding Glass Doors Lets In Natural Light

Sliding glass doors let in a copious amount of natural light by virtue of glass being big. This, in turn, helps us get our daily dose of Vitamin D. Sunlight is known for boosting productivity levels from anywhere between 3-40-% and enhancing creativity by 15%, making it a great addition for office spaces. It also regulates our circadian rhythms which helps to improve sleep quality and overall health. Sliding glass doors connect the interiors and exteriors, making them the perfect choice for a perceived larger open area. The natural lighting also comes with an added advantage of reducing costs on energy bills along with making the room look spacious and brighter.Space Saver

Most sliding glass doors glide through a parallel track to provide us with a bigger space. While bosses need their privacy, constructing a private cabin in a cramped office is not the best solution. That’s when sliding glass doors come in handy. They divide spaces without the permanence of walls and provide bosses with a secluded space when needed. They can even be used to create temporary conference rooms or in open-concept homes to establish much-needed privacy.

Aesthetic Appeal

While glass sliding doors are commonly used for creating the illusion of a larger space, they are a great addition for instantly brightening up the interiors and creating a luxurious space. Available in a multitude of colours and patterns, they add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room. Moreover, they do not restrict any room and makes space for picture frames, decorative light fixtures, fancy mirrors and other décor items to create your ideal living and working space.

AIS Glasxperts construct glass sliding doors with tempered and laminated glass basis requirement and uPVC (mention aluminium too) and wooden frames to increase the strength and resilience of your sliding doors. While uPVC frames are equipped with a long warranty period and guarantee improved efficiency, wooden frames make for a premium and environmentally sustainable option while simultaneously providing a strong base for your glass sliding doors.

Looking for specialised solutions to install glass sliding doors? There is no one better than AIS Glasxperts. We provide 360-degree solutions for all your glass interiors and take full responsibility right from product inspection, selection to the final installation and post-installation services. Our expert team of consultants guides you throughout the process to help create a memorable experience for our valued customers.

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