Top Reasons to Use Laminated Glass in Homes and Offices
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Should You Use Laminated Glass for Home and Office?

Posted Date: Feb 06, 2020

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The present-day world of architecture and interior designing thrives on glass, with glass being the go-to material in many a designer's books. And why not, its delicate visual feel of water can transform any space from 'drab to fab.' It's that one building material using which you never need to worry about sophistication. Glass exudes elegance and an ethereal one at that.

But, the good news doesn't end there. Modern-day glass solutions possess such important functionalities that make glass all the more irresistible for home and office designing projects. There's the heat-strengthened glass; there's the energy-efficient glass, there's the glass solution that provides acoustic-insulation, there's the smart glass that allows you to enjoy privacy on-demand, to name just a few. And one such unique modern-day glass solution is the laminated glass. Let’s find out all that laminated glass has to offer.

Reasons to Use Laminated Glass in Homes and Offices

Given below are the reasons why you should opt for laminated glass for your home and office.

Enhanced Safety

Laminated glass is your best pick if safety and security are your main concerns. The glass and the interlayer can easily absorb the force of any impact and can resist any breakage. Even if laminated glass breaks, the glass shards remain stuck to the interlayer, which further safeguards you from any accidental injuries. This safety and security feature reduces the chances of you getting injured due to broken glass. Along with this, it also provides resistance and protection from natural disasters and severe weather conditions such as hurricanes.

Increased Strength and Durability

Laminated glass can not only absorb impact, but it is also harder to break, which is why it can safeguard you not only from injury but also from an attempted house or office break-in. If someone tries to break into your home or office through a laminated glass window, then it won’t be an easy task for them to do so owing to the robustness of the glass. The intruder would have to use an instrument or tool such as a big hammer to break the laminated glass. And even after that, the plastic interlayer will not allow the glass to disperse into pieces causing the broken glass pieces to remain glued to it.


Whether you are resting in the comfort of your home or you are working in the office, a quiet and peaceful ambiance is a must. And laminated glass can render you the tranquility imperative to rest and productivity. The glass' PVB interlayer can efficiently block outside noise, creating an atmosphere that is peaceful and distraction-free.


Laminated glass comes with a UV filtering function, which reduces the transmission of light and protects your skin. Along with this, it also prevents your household accessories such as furniture, artworks, etc. from fading. Laminated glass can also help in reducing heat from the sun in the room. This will further help you to lower your usage of air conditioners, subsequently helping in the reduction of emissions.

Multiple Applications

Laminated glass is extremely versatile, which is why you can easily incorporate it into any kind of interior designing project. You can use laminated glass for your kitchen doors as the oily smoke from the kitchen won’t be a problem for laminated glass. If you have active and playful children at home, then you can easily use laminated glass for your balcony doors, showcases, cabinets, or as surface partitions without having to worry about their safety. As laminated glass can provide excellent impact-resistance, you can use them in the most vulnerable places of your office or houses like ground-floor windows or doors. Laminated glass can also be used to construct private office cabins or conference rooms as it will be able to block outside noise and give you your own quiet space to work in. And that’s not all, because of its noise-reduction capabilities, UV-light reduction, structural strength, and integrity, it is also ideal for replacing the main wall of a building. This will add a beauty quotient to your property without compromising on safety.

And that’s not all; laminated glass comes with a variety of design options. Laminated glazing can be manufactured in different ways to give it the appearance that you desire. Given the versatility and qualities of laminated glass, it is a wise decision for you to opt for laminated glass for your next home and office renovation project.

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