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Seven Myths about Glass Flooring

Posted Date: Dec 07, 2020

"We all know people are fascinated and stimulated by heights," stated Tim Johnson, the vice-chairperson of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Originally invented for the classic purpose of offering spectacular views and satisfying the adrenaline rush of adventurers, vertigo-inducing glass flooring has become a staple in modern and ultra-chic residential and commercial buildings. However, several misconceptions surrounding these structures have made many hesitant from including these marvels in their architectural projects.

Below, we have busted seven of the most common myths about glass flooring.

 #1 Structural Glass Floors are Unsafe

Fears over safety remain a common concern amid many home and office owners, but usually misplaced. Glass floors are far safer than you would expect, thanks to enhanced manufacturing processes behind their built.

 Glass flooring is usually fabricated with Sentry PVB, which offers 3x better safety than standard PVB. Also, equipped with appropriate safety features like silicone cushions, perimeter pieces, and sealants, they are immensely durable and comfortable to walk on.

 Glass flooring also comes with strict fabrication rules so that you can leave your safety worries to the wind. Glass floors today are backed by specialised technology to ensure optimal security, always.

 #2 You Can Slip on Wet Glass Floors

Now, ALL floors are slippery when wet. Even the bathroom and kitchen tiles at your home can wreak havoc when watery. But particularly for floors fabricated outside, natural elements like snow, rain, and storm can raise myriad security fears.

However, rest assured, structural glass flooring is specially designed with anti-slip features to prevent injury. Usually sandblasted or fabricated with a frit top, they keep the traction optimal and secure, for both internal and external use.

 #3 Glass Floors Lack Privacy Because They are Transparent

Glass finishes vary widely, from transparent to frosted and patterned, so any privacy concerns are baseless. If you are primarily concerned about keeping it private (since people on the lower level can still lookup), you can opt for translucent finishes.

You can still receive ample daylight to keep indoors cheerful and maintain privacy with etched or textured glass. Pattern inserts can also alleviate the visual appeal of your glass flooring remarkably. For a personal touch, you can tastefully combine wood or metal panels and create a custom design.

#4 There are Hardly Any Design Options for Glass Floors

Contrary to the common belief, glass flooring options are quite diverse and available in a wide variety of thickness, textures, sizes, shapes, formats, and styles to choose from. So, do not let the standard "transparent" trait of glass keep you away.

Glass can adapt to any structural design without compromising on function or safety. Just look at Burj Khalifa! Glass can easily transform any space and become the focal point of attraction at your home or office.

 #5 You Can Only Use Glass Floors Indoors

Far from the case, because today, glass flooring has become widely popular in external applications, for functional benefits too but mostly aesthetic ones. You can find the use of glass floors to create decks, stairways, porches, patios, and whatnot.

The use of skywalks and walkways has also become more commonplace in commercial spaces. Glass trends have notably taken over modern architectural designs and replaced traditional flooring materials.

If you want a dramatic statement look, glass flooring will do wonders to open your space and create a cheerful ambience.

 #6 Structural Glass Floors Require Special Care

Glass flooring does not require extensive upkeep or maintenance, as commonly assumed. In truth, they can maintain the same pristine, clean lines and lustre even with years of use. Since they are not made with any natural material, neither mould nor mildew can infest them.

And what about stains? Glass floors will remain unaffected even with the worst kind and require minimal maintenance. Once installed professionally, you need not fret continual safekeeping and consequently, budget overheads.

 #7 Structural Glass Floors Can Break Even on Minor impacts

When it comes to glass flooring, durability, robustness, and aesthetics move hand in hand. Not only are glass floors visually striking, but they are also unbelievably sturdy because of the three fused layers. To always ensure optimal safety, they come equipped with additional safety features like fret top surfaces and sealants.

Besides, the make of the floor will decide the amount of load it can bear with ease. If the foot traffic suits the load, you do not have to worry about any impact-induced breaks. On rare occasions, however, if the glass does break, it will not form large pieces but shatter into tiny ones, helping you avoid a safety menace.

Nonetheless, you should ideally employ professionals with suitable expertise and equipment to carry out the installation securely.

 Make a Choice

 While there are numerous myths about glass flooring, they are entirely baseless. However, to ensure your investment proves favourable, you should turn to a reliable company like AIS Glasxperts. 

Renowned for expertise in architectural finishes, AIS Glasxperts provides holistic solutions in glass which are scratchproof, impact-resilient, and flexible in style. From product selection to installation, we can beautify your residential and commercial spaces expertly! So, get in touch.

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