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Security solutions for banks and financial institutions

Banks and financial corporations are the places where customers expect their money to be safe. To reinforce this trust, these institutions need the finest security solutions. This includes integrated alarms, access control systems, anti-theft products and safe & secure architectural solutions.

This article contains information on how a product like glass can serve as the safest architectural solution for financial establishments.

Security solutions in Glass

The Evolution of Glass

Glass has been an intriguing material since it was first made in 500 BC. From being just a part of window panes to façades of famous towers today, glass has evolved over the years. Today it is a staple in both residential and commercial architecture and a symbol of development, luxury and security in many countries.

Glass- A Security Solution

Glass is one of the most secure and safe solutions in the market today and it comes in many varieties. To choose a type that fits your requirement, it is vital to understand its different types.

Glass solutions range from toughened glass also known as tempered glass, annealed glass, clear glass, tinted glass, security glas and many others.

Let’s take a look at the first category in detail-Tempered glass.

Security Solutions for Glass

Tempered or toughened glass:

This type of glass retains the light transmission and energy properties of the base product. Once toughened, it can no longer be cut or shaped. Tempered glass, when broken does not break into sharp shards; it shatters into small, blunt pieces. Hence, tempered glass is a perfect choice for spaces like banks and financial institutions where this glass can be installed in bank lockers, cashier’s windows and other such infrastructures where security is primary and must be strictly taken into consideration at all costs.
Tempered glass finds its application in facades, shelves, balustrades, canopies and partitions.

Benefits of tempered glass:

Tempered glass is tough and durable. It is resistant to breakage and reduces the risk of injury and burglary. Another benefit of this glass is that, it is easy to maintain and offers ease of cleaning.

Tempered glass is excellent for windows. Durable as it is, it can prove to be a great security solution for banks and financial institutions. Toughened glass is widely available in Chandigarh, all you need to do is contact the glass service provider near you.

Security Glass Solutions:

Security glass or Safety glass, which can either be toughened or laminated depending on where and how it is being used, protects from the risk of serious injury caused by accidental breakage or impact. When it breaks, it breaks safely thus protecting against the risk of serious injury.

Enhanced security glass helps protect against break-in attempts or vandalism by delaying or even preventing penetration through the glass in the event of forced break in or damage.

Laminated glass comes with specialized plastic inter layers to provide a high level of intrusion resistance from burglar attacks. This type of glass is ideal for banks and financial institutions.

There are ample benefits of installing Safety or Security glass. Listed below are some of the benefits of security and safety glasses:-

Toughened glass: Avoids potential cuts and injuries as a result of broken glass (for example used in doors, partitions, windows etc)

Laminated glass: Basic Protection: Provides protection against the risk of injuries due to accidental breakage (for example windows or doors)

Enhanced Protection: Provides protection against a change in level (e.g. balconies or guarding) and objects falling on to or penetrating the glass (e.g. glass roofs and canopies). The pieces of glass stay in place, stuck to the plastic interlayers, until a replacement arrives

Safety Glass: For safe breakage or overhead glazing. Can be combined with other glass functions for additional comfort: security, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, low-maintenance and decorative glass

Security Glass: Helps eliminate the need for grills and shutters. Not just that, even though it is glass and is transparent but the safety stands uncompromised. It finds its application in canopies, domes, skylights and glass lift walls.

Securityplus glass:

Reinforced by a layer of DuPont Sentry glass, which is a safety glass, the securityplus glass is five times stronger than conventional laminating materials. The interlayer increases tolerance to greater loads. It also enables the design of aesthetically pleasing complex elements with minimal structural support.

This glass comes equipped with beneficial features like:-

  • Added strength that eliminates need for grills
  • Requires minimal structural support
  • Retains clarity, even after years of use
  • Superior noise reduction for better acoustics

This glass finds its applications in railings, facades, canopies, walkways, glass flooring, stairways, hurricane-resistant windows, doors, explosion-resistant windows, doors and facades.

All the above mentioned features confirm that glass isn’t a fragile substance any longer and finds its presence in important building like the banks and financial institutions where we entrust our life’s possessions.

How do we choose the most secure glass?

Banks and financial institutions are the crux of the economy. Corporates, start-ups, homes and businesses will come to a standstill if these establishments are damaged or broken into. When a customer chooses to trust and save money in a bank, it becomes the owner’s responsibility to ensure utmost security. For this, the glass chosen is of primary importance.

Choosing the right glass like toughened glass (widely available in Tier 1 cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata etc), security or safety glass and securityplus glass will ensure complete safety and security of the staff and the wealth. These solutions are smart, adaptable and versatile and offer endless possibilities in terms of design and functionality, across exterior and interior applications.

How do we choose the right provider?

While choosing a provider, make sure you opt for one who offers best-in-class glass solutions, high quality products, comprehensive services like consultation, installation and a great after sales service. Such providers eliminate the need for multiple vendors and make sure all your needs get taken care of under one roof.


The banking and financial institution is an ever growing industry, extremely important to the economy. Given the current state of demonetization it becomes inevitable to not have extra security at the banks and financial institutions. The security solutions for these institutions have to be apt and on point. So, choose the right glass and the best provider and let your customers be proud of you!

Author Bio: Amit Chaudhary, 28 years old handles the Brand GlasXperts of Asahi India Glass Ltd (AIS).  He is based out of Delhi and is also a fitness fanatic.

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