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Glass options like tempered glass, heat strengthened laminated glass and laminated glass–enabling you to explore various possibilities in terms of safety and security. Presenting various strengthening and safety solutions from Glasxperts. There are three categories of solutions in this category; they are tempered glass, heat strengthened laminated glass and laminated glass.


AIS Stronglas™

Unbreakable Glass

4-5 times more impact resistant than ordinary float / annealed glass.
Even in the unlikely case of breakage, glass shatters into minute granules, instead of sharp shards, ensuring safety.
Minimizes the risk of spontaneous breakage
Finds application in windows, shower cubicles, shower-partitions, tabletops,, , internal partitions, railings, balustrades, doors.
Heat Strengthened PVB Laminated Glass


AIS Valueglas™

Wooden Glass Window
A distortion-free, heat strengthened laminated glass with greater stability.
Highly-secure AIS laminated unit™ combines pleasing aesthetics with enduring strength.
Unbeatable quality at an unmatched value.
PVB interlayer provides high level of intrusion resistance.
Finds application in windows, railing, balustrade, canopy, internal partitions, doors, pergolas.


AIS Securityglas™

Glass Windows From GlasXperts
Provides level 2 and level 3 protection against burglar attacks and is used extensively in residential and applications worldwide
PVB interlayer provides high level of intrusion resistance
Finds application in doors, windows, partitions, skylights, canopies, balustrades, staircases, railings, pergolas.


AIS Sentry PVB Laminated Glass™: Securityplus

Glass Partitions
Highly-secure sentry laminated unit combines pleasing aesthetics with enduring strength
AIS DuPont Sentry GlassTM interlayer for enhanced strength and breakage resistant
Five times stronger than conventional laminating material, this does not sag even under breakage or under high stress
Finds application in, windows,,, partitions, skylights, canopies, balustrades, staircases,, pergolas, walkways, glass floor.


AIS SafeWindows™: Safety solutions

uPVC Doors and Windows
Engineered using safety glass products like tempered and heat strengthened glass.
AIS Stronglas™ ensures better safety by greatly reducing risk of injury in the unlikely case of breakage.
Expert installation to ensure that your home is dust free, bright and airy.


AIS GuardWindows™: Burglar-proof solutions

Security Glass from GlasXperts
Provides high levels of intrusion resistance, as they are made from AIS SecurityglasTM Multi-chambered uPVC profile systems that are reinforced with steel enhance protection from break-ins.
Comes with multi-point locking systems which ensure highest level of security.
With Glasxperts safety & security solutions, your homes will be secure inside and from external forces.


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